December 14, 2021

Mattermost Unveils Definitive Report on the State of Developer Productivity “Unblocking Workflows: The Guide to Developer Productivity – 2022 Edition”

Leading open source collaboration platform surveyed over 300 developers to uncover trending productivity challenges and best practices

Palo Alto, Calif., December 14, 2021 – Mattermost, Inc. today unveiled the “Guide to Developer Productivity: 2022 Edition,” a definitive report on the productivity habits and challenges facing software engineers and developers around the globe. The exclusive report is based on the findings of a survey of over 300 developers, as well as an extensive assessment of the software development landscape to uncover key trends, points of interest, and challenges. In addition to identifying consistent developer productivity blockers, the report also highlights how high-performing engineering and developer teams typically overcome these common challenges to be more productive and efficient in order to ship and deliver innovative software.

The release of the Guide to Developer Productivity is timely, as software development has changed dramatically in the past year. With businesses, government agencies, and organizations of all sizes grappling with a newly distributed work environment and surging demands to produce software faster, more securely, and with fewer resources than ever before, developers are faced with myriad obstacles to achieving higher levels of collaboration, agility, and innovation. 

The Mattermost survey of over 300 developers and development team managers identified several productivity obstacles that hindered their ability to achieve these goals, including the following:

  • Over 39% of developers felt the tools they use are fragmented and called it a “major challenge.” Context switching was noted as a major byproduct of fragmented tools, leading to productivity issues for 71% of respondents. 
  • Nearly 35% of developers felt they were hindered by an overly distributed team. But at the same time, over half of the respondents made it clear that their overall productivity improved as a result of working remotely. 
  • 40% of developers noted personnel issues including hiring and retaining technical talent as a productivity concern and 62% of developers desired a focus on improving internal resources like documentation and training.
  • 32% of respondents felt they were faced with too many manual tasks, desiring automation to improve consistently fragile workflows.

The report’s findings reflect prevailing sentiment around the limitations and inefficiencies of many developer tools and processes and highlight the importance of investing in these areas to allow engineering and developer teams to be as innovative and agile as the market demands. As further outlined in the report, high-performing teams have circumvented these challenges through a variety of tactics, including:

  • Unifying and bringing together tools through robust and bespoke integrations via open source technologies. Investment in open source and modern coding languages also helps attract high-performing developers.
  • Investment into technologies to enable automation, including cloud-native solutions for infrastructure management and other technologies. 
  • Building better documentation, refining processes, and creating transparency to deliver more resilient workflows to withstand distributed work environments. 

The guide’s findings ultimately conclude that productivity is a team objective that can be achieved when people, tools, and processes are optimized to work better together. 

“The results of our recent survey and Guide to Developer Productivity reflect important trends across the industry with a persistent theme that, to be more productive in the coming years, development teams must work better together to improve collaboration and streamline their workflows,” said Ian Tien, CEO of Mattermost. “Organizations on the path to digital transformation should make smart investments to not only ensure their teams are equipped with the right tools, but also are committed to a shared culture around the essential nature of collaboration and alignment. The best teams are typically the most flexible, agile, and aligned — and built for our increasingly competitive and demanding software development landscape.”

“Software is the new currency. We are increasingly seeing the impact of this incredible demand on the developers who are responsible for this growth,” states Paul Nashawaty, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Developer productivity is a real challenge across industries, especially with an increasing skills gap and explosion of tools. We expect organizations will look to manage this growth by unifying tools and other processes to improve productivity and results.”

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