Mattermost Superstars are trusted members who make a significant impact on the Mattermost open-source community. They share the Mattermost leadership principles, have a strong track record of contributions, and are members we look up to.

Join a community of Mattermost Superstars and get VIP access to special Mattermost events and conferences!

Contributor Tiers

With the Superstars program, our contributors fall into three tiers, Contributors, Stars, and Superstars:

  Contributors Stars Superstars
Level of Contribution
(meets one or more criteria)
At any time:

1 – Published an article or a video/talk
2 – Organized a meetup
3 – Submitted a bug fix or feature enhancement
4 – Built an integration listed at
5 – Submitted a translation
6 – Updated documentation
7 – Reported a security vulnerability
In the last 3 months:

1 – Published an article or a video/talk with at least 1,000 views
2 – Organized two meetups with at least 10 attendees. Can be virtual or in person.
3 – Presented in a local or regional event (meetup, conference, …). Can be virtual or in person.
4 – Received most likes in the peer-to-peer forums
5 – Nominated as an MVP for a Mattermost release
In the last 12 months:

1 – Published an article or a video/talk with at least 10,000 views
2 – Organized four meetups with at least 100 attendees. Can be virtual or in person.
3 – Presented in a global event, or a large regional/local event with 1,000+ attendees (meetup, conference, …). Can be virtual or in person.
Rewards 1 – Personalized Mattermost mug*
2 – Listing on Contributor Wall of Fame
Rewards of Contributor, plus:

– Unique Star swag
– Social recognition campaign on Mattermost social media platforms
– Promotion of published material such as articles or talks
Rewards of Star, plus:

– Unique Superstar swag
– Superstar profile on Mattermost website
– Recognition as a “Community Developer Relations at Mattermost” on LinkedIn
– Personalized Mattermost avatar
– Invites to MatterCon and other Mattermost sponsored events
– Support for travel arrangements when giving a keynote speech about Mattermost
– Access to an opt-in Mattermost Superstars channel with direct access to Mattermost core team
Active Members (as of June 29, 2020) See Contributor Wall of Fame 1 – Agniva De Sarker – blog article
2 – Amy Blais – most likes in the forum
3 – Tim Estermann – MVP
4 – Vladimir Lebedev – MVP
5 – Rakesh Peela – MVP
Will you become the first Mattermost Superstar?

*Mattermost mugs are sent to contributors for whom we have an address on file. If you are a contributor and haven’t received a personalized Mattermost mug, email us at community[at] with the subject “Mattermost mug”.

Become a Mattermost Superstar

The new Superstars program elevates our top community members and recognizes them as Mattermost Superstars.

As a Mattermost Superstar, you will have a unique opportunity to help other developers in the open source community by writing blog posts or giving talks, by organizing and attending meetups, by presenting in events, and much more.

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Email us at community[at] or direct message @jason.blais on Mattermost Community server.