Carlos Panato wins Mattermost 2017 Hacktoberfest award

The 2017 Hacktoberfest event, which is sponsored by DigitalOcean and hosted by GitHub, was once again a major success.

During the month of October, developers from across the world contributed to more than 64,000 open source repositories, submitting nearly 240,000 pull requests. Amazing!

We’re pleased to announce the winner of our 2017 Mattermost Hacktoberfest Award: Carlos Panato, who contributed seven PRs to the Mattermost project. Thank you for your awesome work, Carlos!

During the Hacktoberfest event, Carlos built these three awesome features:

He also contributed other improvements and bug fixes.

Thanks so much for your awesome work, Carlos and thanks to the rest of you who contributed to Mattermost, too! We look forward to seeing what our amazing community comes up with during next year’s Hacktoberfest event.

Interested in participating in Hacktoberfest? Head over here to keep tabs on what DigitalOcean is planning for 2018.

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Amy Blais is the Release Manager at Mattermost, Inc. Her other roles include Community and Customer Support. She previously served as the company’s Associate Marketing Manager.