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Keeping CERN scientists around the world securely connected with Mattermost

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, studies the fundamental structure of the universe by examining the behavior of subatomic particles using highly complex scientific instruments, including the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

In 2015, the research institute deployed Mattermost across the organization to consolidate messaging platforms while providing its community of researchers, scientists, and technologists with a self-hosted, secure messaging space. Today, CERN has more than 12,500 total Mattermost users spread across 1,500 different teams.

How the CERN team benefits from Mattermost

Here are some of the benefits CERN has experienced thanks to its decision to move to Mattermost:

  • Control of data. As a self-hosted messaging platform, Mattermost gives CERN complete control of all messaging data. “We didn’t want to use another service that locked in our data,” says Adrian Mönnich, a lead developer for collaboration tools at CERN who runs the institute’s Mattermost instance.
  • Remote collaboration. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, CERN had to rapidly adapt to remote work. “Mattermost provided a great way for people to communicate while working remotely without having to fall back to things like phone calls or video conferences for anything that could be handled using text,” Adrian continues.
  • Accelerated workflows. To move research forward faster, CERN has integrated Mattermost with nearly 100 tools, including Jira, GitLab, and GitHub. “People can create whatever integrations they want,” Adrian says.
  • Team-building. Previously, CERN employees would meet in chance encounters in the cafeteria or in hallways. With Mattermost, they can now meet each other virtually, which helps the research institute cultivate a stronger, more engaged workforce. “Socializing and collaboration grew new forms with Mattermost,” Adrian says. Now, researchers from around the world and employees alike can keep collaborating with colleagues and can have conversations around topics of shared interests on Mattermost.

Learn more about how CERN leverages Mattermost

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