Moving from Hipchat to Mattermost

With the sunset of Hipchat, enterprise teams are turning to Mattermost for secure, self-hosted messaging and collaboration. Migrate all your Hipchat data and integrations in a few simple steps, and get your workflows back on track in no time.

Hipchat Migration

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Go beyond Hipchat with Mattermost

Mattermost is a flexible, open source messaging platform that helps you future-proof your team collaboration. Enterprise organizations trust Mattermost to power the workflows that grow their business, and keep their data safe at scale.

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Users enjoy an elegant, Slack-like experience that helps them get more done together.
IT admins gain full control over data security and compliance from behind the firewall.
Teams build customized workflows by integrating any number of their favorite tools.

Mattermost integrates with your favorite Atlassian tools


Set up a JIRA integration for your Mattermost instance within minutes using a pre-packaged JIRA webhook plugin.


Get Mattermost notifications about your code repositories and perform Bitbucket actions without leaving your Mattermost channel.


Create and edit new Trello cards, comments, and boards. Connect Mattermost and Trello without a single line of code.

Zubin Irani

Mattermost is the clear leader in on-premises and private cloud messaging platforms where security and data control are critical.

—Zubin Irani, CEO of cprime

Enterprise-grade workstream collaboration

Deploy on premises or in your private cloud

Build customized workflows due to platform flexibility and extensibility

Integrate with Atlassian tools, such as: Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, Statuspage.

Scale past 70,000 concurrent users.

Ensure data security and compliance with industry regulations

Give your team a fun, user-friendly chat experience within a branded UI.

Migrate to Mattermost in 3 simple steps

Our migration path is straightforward, and the Atlassian partner community is helping us make it even easier. Follow these basic steps to move all your Hipchat data to Mattermost.

  • Step 1: Set up your Mattermost instance

    Download and deploy Mattermost to your environment using the configuration that meets your organization’s needs for performance and scalability.

  • Step 2: Migrate your Hipchat data to Mattermost

    There are several options available. The HC2MM migration tool by Herzum exports your data from Hipchat and automatically sets up channels, users, and message histories in Mattermost.

  • Step 3: Onboard your users

    Invite your teams to start using Mattermost by posting an alert in Hipchat or sending an announcement email. Mattermost Enterprise E10 and E20 provide single sign-on integrations.

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Our partners offer a range of system integration and deployments solutions. For other recommendations, please contact us and we can help you find the right provider.

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