Mattermost Matrix Connector


Federate your secure Mattermost server with Matrix. The Mattermost Matrix Connector allows sharing of channels and chats between the two systems.


With the Mattermost Connector for Matrix, IT organizations can empower technical and operational teams to confidently collaborate between Mattermost and other platforms using the Matrix protocol. We outline several example use cases here for use of distributed channels.


This bridge helps to connect Mattermost to the ecosystem of Matrix services. The basics include cross-platform messaging:

  • Distributed channels are created by an administrator in Mattermost.
  • Private channels can be created by all users in Mattermost.
  • Direct message chats can be created on both platforms.
  • Messaging supports bidirectional: markdown, attachments, edits, replies and more.
  • Read about all the features here.

To get started, follow the steps in the documentation to install and configure.


Do I need to be a Matrix server admin to install this?
  • Yes, you will need a Matrix server supporting the Application Services API is needed to complete the setup of this integration
  • You will also need Node 12.22.9 or above
Can any Mattermost user chat with Matrix accounts?
  • Any Mattermost user can create a DM, GM, or private channel with Matrix accounts by adding the @matrix.bridge account and the Matrix user you wish to chat with
  • Only admins can create public channels.
  • Learn more about use cases in the documentation.
What is the minimum required Mattermost Server Version?
  • Mattermost 7.5.1 and above



Mattermost disclaims any and all liability for integrations, including Third Party Integrations and Mattermost Integrations. All integrations are provided "AS IS", and may be used at your own risk. Integrations may be modified or discontinued at any time.