by Parabol

Estimation That Sets Remote Teams Up for Success - Sync issues from your backlog management tool and collaborate on estimation with a fun digital deck


Keep everyone in the loop via Mattermost and Parabol.
Engage your team and stakeholders in your agile ceremonies, with meeting reminders and summaries right on Mattermost.

  • Automatically alert your team when you start a meeting
  • Run meetings asynchronously
  • Share a meeting summary with your team

Mattermost helps you align your team, tools, and processes across each stage of the development lifecycle. With Parabol, you can raise the bar on the quality of your development meetings.



Do I need to install anything on my Mattermost server?

No, you’ll just need to follow some instructions to setup a webhook for the integration to work.

Is Parabol Free?

There is a free plan, as well as paid plans depending on the number of teams you are registering to use.   See pricing here:





Mattermost disclaims any and all liability for integrations, including Third Party Integrations and Mattermost Integrations. All integrations are provided "AS IS", and may be used at your own risk. Integrations may be modified or discontinued at any time.