ServiceNow Virtual Agent

by Third-party

This plugin integrates the ServiceNow Virtual Agent in Mattermost.


The Mattermost ServiceNow Virtual Agent Integration makes it easy for employees and customers to resolve issues fast and get what they need, when they need it, with ServiceNow’s AI-powered conversational chatbot running right inside Mattermost.

Once configured, the plugin supports sending the following fields to the Virtual Agent service via Mattermost:

  • Text messages
  • File attachments
  • Date and time

And can respond with the following outputs:

  • OutputText
  • OutputImage
  • OutputLink
  • OutputCard
  • Picker/Dropdown

After configuring the plugin both on ServiceNow and in the Mattermost system console, send a direct message to @servicenow-virtual-agent to connect an individual user account.

Watch a demo of the bot interaction here.




Mattermost disclaims any and all liability for integrations, including Third Party Integrations and Mattermost Integrations. All integrations are provided "AS IS", and may be used at your own risk. Integrations may be modified or discontinued at any time.