by Mattermost

This plugin integrates ServiceNow with Mattermost by allowing users to subscribe to record changes in ServiceNow and manage them through Mattermost.


ServiceNow is a platform commonly used for IT ticketing and customer or employee experience tracking. It is a powerful platform that is used across an entire organization to allow employees to approve workflows, file requests for customer support, and replace their keyboards via your IT team. ServiceNow is also commonly used to manage incident response for  teams.

The ServiceNow Mattermost plugin connects your existing ServiceNow account with your Mattermost server, adding a layer of collaboration and communication as well as expanding ease of access to essential functionality from right within Mattermost.

Once connected, users have access to the following features:

  • Send notifications to channels when changes occur in ServiceNow
  • Comment and update a ServiceNow record from within Mattermost
  • Search and share records from a Mattermost channel

To get started in your existing Mattermost workspace, login as an administrator, go to the Plugin Marketplace and click “install” on the “ServiceNow” plugin listed. After a System Admin has configured the ServiceNow plugin, end users can click the ServiceNow icon in the Right Hand Sidebar or run /servicenow connect in a Mattermost channel to connect their own Mattermost and ServiceNow accounts to get started running the ServiceNow plugin.


Do I need to be a ServiceNow admin to install this?

Yes, you will need a ServiceNow Administrator account to complete the setup of this integration.

Can any Mattermost users connect to ServiceNow?

Yes, any Mattermost user with a ServiceNow account can connect using this plugin.

What is the minimum required Mattermost Server Version?

Mattermost version 5.37 and up is supported.




Mattermost disclaims any and all liability for integrations, including Third Party Integrations and Mattermost Integrations. All integrations are provided "AS IS", and may be used at your own risk. Integrations may be modified or discontinued at any time.