Remote work is more secure with high trust collaboration

A collaboration platform for privacy-conscious teams to collaborate remotely.

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Team messaging to streamline coordination while maintaining control and security

A modern experience teams prefer

Mattermost gives your team a central place to connect people, tools, and workflows in an intuitive, modern experience.

  • Organized conversations in teams; channels with an intuitive UI
  • Native apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux
  • Hundreds of integrations with popular tools
  • Emoji, GIF, and Markdown support
  • Multi-language translations
Modern experience

The most trusted collaboration platform

Built for privacy-conscious organizations, Mattermost’s choice of SaaS or self-managed deployment model ensures that you maintain complete control of your data and communications.

  • Deploy as SaaS or self-managed in private or public clouds
  • Keep communications behind your firewall and meet existing security policies
  • Get full ownership of data
  • Avoid third-party monitoring
  • Secure with multi-factor authentication
  • Secure with ID-only mobile push notifications
Secure platform for messaging

Centralized control and compliance

Mattermost lets you control and restrict usage and permissions with fine granularity–-so you can maintain centralized governance and compliance.

  • Integration with Active Directory / LDAP
  • Granular user and admin permission schemes
  • Read-only channels and other channel moderation settings
  • Simple SAML 2.0 support with Okta / OneLogin / ADFS
  • Guest accounts
  • Custom retention policies for messages and files
Centralized control

Remote teams collaborate on Mattermost

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