Sophisticated workflow orchestration made simple

Build, orchestrate, and operate your workflows with a collaboration platform built to boost developer productivity.

Mattermost Workflow Orchestration

Fragmented workflows kill productivity

Done right, digital operations make communication, visibility, and control easier across teams, processes, and tools. But popular, single-purpose tools don’t integrate well with your tool chain, adding context switching and friction every step of the way.

Staying aligned requires more than just messaging. You need a solution built for everything from real-time collaboration to long-term planning to enable your team at every time scale.

Let your work flow freely

Your modern productivity stack, all in one place

A suite of complementary productivity solutions with built-in collaboration and deep integrations with popular developer tools.

Team alignment — all the time

Communicate in real time, document repeatable processes with defined outcomes, provide visibility and accountability for long-term projects.

Build and orchestrate scalable digital workflows

Team communication, checklist-based prescribed processes, project and task management — orchestrated and automated from a single platform.

Platform Highlights

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  • Real-time and async messaging with integrated voice and video
  • File, image, and link sharing
  • Rich markdown formatting
  • Multi-language code syntax highlighting


  • Customizable workflow playbooks
  • Dynamic task checklists
  • Task automation
  • Status dashboard and broadcast
  • Analytics dashboards


  • Deep integrations with popular developer tools
  • Community-built integrations – over 6,000 contributors world-wide
  • Build your own with App Framework and open APIs


  • Configurable for HIPAA and FINRA compliant environments
  • SOC II Type 1, GDPR, CCPA
  • Identity and access controls: Active Directory and LDAP, MFA, SSO, CBA, EMM, and more
  • Global retention policies. compliance exports, custom Terms of Service, and more

Integrates with the tools that make your work flow

One platform, purpose-built for modern R&D workflows

Tie people, tools, and processes together

Build mission critical workflows with built in collaboration to codify best practices.

Scalable and repeatable processes

Achieve alignment across teams at every time scale with robust control and visibility.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Extend the platform and build best-of-breed solutions.

Customize to your use cases

Bring cross-functional teams together and create structure around common goals.

Complete control of your data

Deploy on-premise or in a secure cloud for full data control.

Automate routine tasks

Webhooks, slash commands, and bots for speed and reliability.

Incident resolution for pros

Faster time-to-resolution with fewer mistakes with checklist-based prescribed processes.

Full access to APIs, drivers, and source code

See for yourself why we are the industry’s most secure and flexible solution.

Many of our larger members could never discuss security issues with each other in real life because their lawyers would go crazy. But because Mattermost provides a secure platform, they can collaborate with other organizations within H-ISAC to solve problems.

Josh Singletary

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