A secure collaboration hub, adaptable to your needs

Increase speed and efficiency in mission-critical work at scale while meeting complex requirements with a flexible platform that’s fully customizable and can be deployed anywhere.

Deploy Mattermost anywhere

Choose how you run your collaboration platform. Whether you want to self-manage on public cloud or private cloud infrastructure, deploy in air-gapped networks, or have the system provisioned for you as a single-tenant SaaS service, the choice is yours.

Support custom security & compliance requirements

Reliably meet complex security needs with a transparent, highly configurable platform that deploys anywhere and includes custom single sign-on, data retention, eDiscovery integration, and message monitoring and filtering capabilities.

Securely integrate with self-managed & SaaS-based tools

Accelerate productivity by securely connecting with in-house and SaaS-based tools — wherever they’re deployed.

Securely federate across communication platforms

Increase efficiency by securely connecting to teams on other collaboration platforms, including Microsoft Teams, with the option of implementing custom security, compliance, monitoring, and filtering at any layer using XMPP, Matrix, or other interoperability protocols.

Operate with full data custody

Maintain full control of confidential data — including data forensics, incident response, and classified operations — using a locally self-managed deployment configuration.

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