Reduce downtime and risks in complex environments

Avoid outages and vendor lock-in with fully self-sovereign infrastructure.

Trusted by the world’s most sophisticated organizations

Minimize risks by running infrastructure defense agencies, government, tech giants, cybersecurity firms, and critical infrastructure operators use every day.

Deploy anywhere

Protect against vendor lock-in and technical supply chain threats with the ability to deploy to any public or private cloud, including air-gapped networks.

Dynamic disaster recovery

Support for self-healing, auto-scaling infrastructure using cloud-native, Kubernetes-orchestrated architecture ranging from blue-green to active-active environmental & multi-master database configurations.

Infrastructure that’s entirely yours

Future-proof collaboration with a transparent, self-managed, open source software stack — from operating system to application — that gives you self-sovereignty & reduces the risk of competitive or adversarial control, surveillance, and influence.

Complete service control

Don’t be beholden to vendor timelines. Choose your destiny with complete control of upgrades, patching, and downtime.

Don’t just take our word for it

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