Eliminate noise. Focus on what matters most.

Increase efficiency & reduce error rates and response times with a user experience that helps technical and operations teams focus on mission-critical work.

A fast, familiar interface

Increase user adoption and productivity among technical, operational, and Gen Z employees by supporting popular Discord/Slack/IRC-style UX interactions, with topic-centric 1-on-1 and group discussions, slash commands, standard and custom emojis, reactions, GIFs, voice & screensharing, and more.

Collaborative playbooks & automation

Accelerate complex, collaborative workflows and emergency response using shared checklists with automation and systems integration embedded in real-time discussions.

Slack-compatible — not Slack-limited

Transition from Slack without diminishing the user experience. Use the same keyboard shortcuts with unlimited customizations and webhook integrations to build the perfect tool for the job.

Collaborate internally & externally

Connect to project stakeholders, including vendors and organizations outside of your AD domain and central IT security policy, by deploying a compliant, self-managed secure collaboration hub that brings everyone together — without any shadow IT.

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