Build Repeatable Team Processes with Mattermost Playbooks

Predictable and repeatable processes are crucial to keep everyone in your organization informed and on the same page. But do you find that scattered documentation, siloed communication, ambiguous ownership, and ad hoc workstreams are slowing your team down?

Mattermost Playbooks is the solution. By using Playbooks in Mattermost, your team can track and understand key processes and iterate on them over time. Playbooks not only expose the steps and set expectations for your team, but also help to centralize and codify institutional knowledge to support a sustainable team culture. With each run, you’ll gather key insights using built-in metrics, retrospectives, and a timeline to track work and context.

In this live demo, you’ll learn how you can use Mattermost Playbooks to:

  • Translate existing processes into a reusable playbook
  • Set up automations in checklist items to make simple tasks even easier
  • Share filtered information on run progress and outcomes with teams and stakeholders across Mattermost channels
  • Refine best practices for your processes over time and drive team excellence at scale

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