/ your time-to-resolution
in half

Fix production incidents faster with a modern platform for developer collaboration.

Incident Resolution with Mattermost

What do you do when your ship hits the fan?

Whether you’re rolling back a release or recovering from a security breach, every second counts. Without teams being able to communicate, collaborate, and operate efficiently, your mean time-to-resolve incidents can balloon and cause serious harm to your business.

Other collaboration tools simply weren’t built for the way modern R&D teams work. With general purpose features and integrations that don’t go deep enough, you can find your team slacking away in the middle of a crisis.

Streamline your incident response

Stay aligned, all the time

Go beyond chat with a suite of tightly-integrated collaboration tools purpose-built for rapid incident response — from notifications and triage to resolution and retrospectives.

Customizable for your workflows

The only team collaboration platform with customizable playbooks designed to help your team automate incident response and keep your business running smoothly.

Incident Resolution Playbook »

Open source and extensible by design

Supported by a rich ecosystem of community-driven apps, an open API, and a developer framework so you can customize and enhance the platform to meet your unique needs.

Built for your security, privacy and compliance needs

Choose from self-hosted or secure cloud deployment options that give you the controls you need, when you need them.

Best Practices for Improving Incident Response Workflows

Platform Highlights

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  • Real-time and async messaging with integrated voice and video
  • File, image, and link sharing
  • Rich markdown formatting
  • Multi-language code syntax highlighting


  • Customizable workflow playbooks
  • Dynamic task checklists
  • Task automation
  • Status dashboard and broadcast
  • Analytics dashboards


  • Deep integrations with popular developer tools
  • Community-built integrations – over 6,000 contributors world-wide
  • Build your own with App Framework and open APIs


  • Configurable for HIPAA and FINRA compliant environments
  • SOC II Type 1, GDPR, CCPA
  • Identity and access controls: Active Directory and LDAP, MFA, SSO, CBA, EMM, and more
  • Global retention policies. compliance exports, custom Terms of Service, and more

Integrates with the tools you love

Keeping teams aligned every step of the way

Shift into triage in an instant

No need to context switch — powerful incident resolution tools and playbooks are integrated directly into your team command center.

Increased incident visibility

Keep stakeholders connected and informed from the moment an incident occurs, all the way through the post-mortem.

Automated incident workflows

Trigger incident response and integrate with your own toolchain and business logic with incident APIs.

Built-in access controls

Define granular controls for enterprise data archiving to keep data properly secured and accessed.

Self-hosted deployment and database ownership

Retain full control over your company’s sensitive data with no third-party monitoring.

Compliance auditing with oversight

Pull compliance reports on user conversations and behaviors. Audit logging enables oversight and protection of ethical boundaries.

Full access to APIs, drivers, and source code

Customize the platform for your team’s optimal workflow.

Mattermost is the easiest way possible to get people to collaborate on anything.

Antoine Neveux
Software Engineer

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