AI innovation meets unparalleled data control

Harness the power of any LLM alongside your conversations without sacrificing flexibility, privacy, or security.

Accelerate collaboration with AI — without introducing risk

Companies that integrate and utilize AI effectively will outperform those that do not. As AI technology rapidly evolves, the challenge lies in leveraging these advancements without compromising the security and control over your data.

Mattermost AI Copilot brings self-hosted LLM capabilities directly into Mattermost, giving your team access to robust, flexible AI tools to help them work more effectively while maintaining data privacy.

Flexible AI capabilities, built for enterprise collaboration

Integrated with your conversations

Quickly and easily access chat-based AI without leaving your chat platform.

Avoid LLM lock-in

Don’t get stuck with a single LLM or AI provider; connect to one or more AI services of your choice.

Keep proprietary data secure and compliant

Connect to local LLMs to keep your collaboration data within your network, limiting exposure or loss of IP to 3rd parties.

Transform ChatOps and workflows with AI

Turn meeting recordings into actionable summaries

Share the updates from your Mattermost Calls with your team and broader organization by turning recordings into detailed written summaries that can be shared back to the channel.

Easy access to LLMs from your workspace

Quickly extract information or convert discussions into useful resources like transcripts and outlines, all without leaving Mattermost.

Extract relevant insights from threads and messages

Quickly distill conversations in channels into concise summaries to improve information availability, accelerate decision-making, and stay focused on critical work.

Take control of your AI destiny with Mattermost Copilot

Learn more about how Mattermost can incorporate AI innovation into your enterprise workflows.