Exclusive 451 Research Report DevOps Primer: The past, present and future

State of DevOps DevOps Primer

After more than a decade, DevOps continues to evolve and change dramatically. Beyond its influence in aligning software development with IT operations, the DevOps discipline has expanded across the enterprise to forge a more direct role in driving business strategy and results.

In an exclusive new report from 451 Research (part of S&P Global Market Intelligence), analyst Jay Lyman covers the evolution of DevOps in detail, highlighting the role that software developers and operators play in not only accelerating software development, but also collaborating effectively to ensure delivery, organizational agility, and customer satisfaction.

Download the 451 Research Report to learn about:

  • The continued shift within DevOps to manage IT and software that is developed efficiently, rapidly and in a manner that is sanctioned and secure (aka DevSecOps)
  • The expansion of DevOps to include essential collaboration and alignment with new stakeholders…across security, data science, line-of-business and product teams.
  • How over 50% of organizations are using business-level metrics to measure the impact of DevOps.
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State of DevOps DevOps Primer