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Mattermost is committed to improving the success and happiness of technical and operational teams with our suite of secure, workflow-centric collaboration tools

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A secure, flexible platform build for the new era of collaboration

For technical and operations teams who execute high-stakes, collaborative workflows, Mattermost provides integrated team messaging, audio and screen share, workflow automation and project management. Governments, banks and tech giants use our secure collaboration platform to reduce risk and error rates while accelerating technical productivity.

Our Investors

Leadership Team

Ian Tien

CEO and Co-Founder

Corey Hulen

CTO and Co-Founder

Kendra Niedziejko


Dave Reardon

VP Sales

Nirosha Ruwan

VP Legal

Chen-I Lim

VP Product

Natalie Jew

VP Human Resources

Our Advisors

Adam Gross

Former Heroku CEO, Salesforce VP Developer Marketing

Nancy Connery

Founding Principle of Connery Consulting. Former VP of HR Salesforce

Zack Urlocker

Former Duo Security COO, ZenDesk COO, MySQL SVP Marketing

Alan Black

Former Zendesk CFO, current board member at Looker

Bill Macaitis

Former Slack CMO & CRO, Zendesk CMO, SVP Marketing at Salesforce

Our leadership principles

These principles guide our behaviors and decision-making processes from everyday projects to company strategy.

Customer obsession

We exist to make customers successful. In everything we do, we start with the customer’s perspective and work backwards.


We own the outcomes of our activities. When we see a vacuum on something important, we jump in — we never say “it’s not my job.”

Self awareness

We seek to understand our strengths and growth opportunities. We are open to feedback and share our ideas constructively and respectfully.

High impact

We align our work to our shared vision and stay focused on top priorities. When deciding what to work on, choose projects with the highest impact.

Earn trust

We make to maximize the trust of others in our judgments. We are open, self-critical, and factual.

Our Location

We are a remote-first company. While we are headquartered in Palo Alto, California, you’ll find the Mattermost team all over the world!

Mattermost, Inc
530 Lytton Avenue, Suite 201
Palo Alto, CA, 94301, USA

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