Power Jira workflows on Mattermost

Quickly address issues and move projects forward while keeping data secure as it flows across your self-hosted systems

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A Jira integration for responding to issues faster while keeping data secure

Mattermost reduces friction for development teams in Jira. A simple, seamless integration allows you to post Jira information to and from multiple channels across your teams for easy collaboration and quick resolution.


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Increased productivity

Take quick actions on a Jira issue directly in Mattermost. No more switching back and forth between apps.


Fluid workflows

Collaborate on and resolve a Jira issue from start to finish directly on Mattermost.


Greater visibility across teams

Share updates of Jira issues with teams across your organization. Keep everyone up to speed on progress.

No Administration

No administration

Install and configure our pre-packaged Jira plugin in minutes.


Seamless scalability

Handle increasing numbers of Jira issues easily with no extra monitoring or configuration.

Secure Data Sync

Secure data sync

Connect your Jira and Mattermost instances behind your firewall to maintain control over data flows.

Common use cases for Jira on Mattermost

DevOps teams use Jira to plan, track, and release software. Whether the team is addressing issues or working on new features, Mattermost’s Jira integration can power any number of workflows.

Create a Jira issue from Mattermost 

  • The support team posts a potential issue to the DevOps channel in Mattermost.
  • The DevOps team discusses the issue and decides to add it to their sprint.
  • A team member hits a button on the Mattermost channel to open a new issue in Jira.

Send updates from Jira to Mattermost 

Manage Jira issues in Mattermost 

mattermost jira tab

Support for Jira Core and Jira Software

The Mattermost Jira plugin supports Jira Core and Jira Software products, for Server, Data Center, and Cloud platforms.

Install and configure the Jira plugin

Mattermost makes it easy to get your Jira integration up and running quickly. Follow the simple steps below to integrate Jira using the pre-packaged plugin.

  1. Enable and configure the plugin in Mattermost via System Console > Plugins
  2. Configure webhooks in Jira via Settings > System > WebHooks
  3. Install the plugin as an application in Jira
  4. Connect your Mattermost account with Jira via /jira connect

A number of third-party tools also enable Jira integration, including an Atlassian Marketplace connector for Jira from Herzum and a Jira slash command from Scott Davis. See our integrations directory for more open source integrations developed by the Mattermost community.


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Mattermost’s Jira integration enabled the global gaming company to make over 2.6 million issues more accessible across teams for faster collaboration and resolution.

4,500 Users
68 Teams

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