Ready to build your dream developer team? Here’s what you need to know.

Happier, more productive developer teams start from day one. Learn how to hire, retain, and nurture a great engineering org in the latest guide from Mattermost.

Now more than ever businesses run on software. That means that your team — whether you’re a “software company” or not — likely includes software developers. Brand and product experiences are increasingly dependent on software, and delivering delightful, compelling experiences depends on having a talented, engaged technical team. That’s why we wrote “The Ultimate Guide to Building Technical Teams” — your guide to learning how to attract and hire the developers your business needs, and how to keep them engaged and productive in the long run.

Hiring developers is harder than ever.

If you’ve ever had to hire for a technical role, you know that finding the right person, with the skills needed to support your business and your applications — whether you’re small or large — is easier said than done.

If it feels like finding good technical talent is tougher than ever, you’re not imagining things. The market for hiring developers is extremely competitive. A recent survey of over 18,000 developers and recruiting professionals, for example, revealed that recruiting for key engineering and DevOps roles in 2022 has been a major challenge.

The cost of an underfilled dev team is high.

No matter how technical your business is, the road to building a great development team is full of potholes. But unfilled roles lead to a loss in productivity, overworked teams with low morale, and a lack of competitive edge. Even when you do hire a team of developers, it can be challenging to manage, train, incentivize, and nurture them to deliver to the best of their capabilities.

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That demand impacts everything from the cost of hiring developers and the timelines required to bring someone onto the team to the stakes for retaining your hard-won talent. IT and engineering staffing executives have reported that critical job roles are staying open for extended periods of time, and organizations must resort to more drastic measures to fill them. In 2020, average salaries for top engineering roles went up by 5% in the San Francisco Bay Area, 3% in New York, 7% in Toronto, and 6% in London — continuing to grow despite the massive economic downturn and an overall drop in hiring demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To build a better technical team, start (and scale) with a developer-centric approach.

To effectively attract and retain technical talent, organizations must think beyond compensation alone and make real changes to how they scale and maintain their engineering teams.

In “The Ultimate Guide to Building Technical Teams,” we’ll explore what makes developer-centric organizations successful. We’ll also provide actionable advice on how to find, hire, and onboard technical talent to give them a head start at success – starting with fostering a team culture that keeps developers engaged. Download the full guide, or skip right to the part you need help with:

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Ashley Dotterweich is the Head of Content at Mattermost. Previously, she ran content marketing for Heavybit Industries and Rainforest QA.