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Accelerating Digital Operations in Government

Mattermost has proudly served government and public sector organizations of all types since we got our start in 2016. We have always embraced our role as the open source collaboration platform that can deliver developers and other technical teams the tools needed to accelerate digital operations through better collaboration, in a secure and self-managed environment.

Today we emphasize our commitment to these organizations further with the launch of Mattermost Government Solutions. This offering provides public sector and defense organizations with not only our unified suite of collaboration tools, and extensive security and compliance controls, but also special packages and preferential pricing. 

We felt the time was right to double down on our offerings to public sector organizations, teams, and individuals. Here in the U.S., the Biden administration is getting serious about cybersecurity, requiring civilian federal agencies to fix hundreds of flaws, mandating the sharing of data with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), as well as earmarking $1 billion in state, local, tribal, and territorial cyberdefense grants. Collaboration and alignment are critical to security resilience.

Our government customers have long relied on Mattermost to maintain complete control of their data, citing their ability to deploy Mattermost on-premise, sometimes in air-gapped environments, as essential to their operations.  And, on the heels of our 6.0 platform launch, we are reaffirming our commitment to providing public agencies with the most robust functionality for team communication, structured process execution, and task and project management.

While the features and functionality introduced in Mattermost 6.0 allow us to support even more complex, technical workflows, we feel that our platform is easier to use, secure, and deploy in public sector environments than any other solution on the market.

Our government customers reflect our conviction, through their unwavering commitment to become more efficient and dynamic in the way they conduct their missions and operations. One example is how the U.S. The Department of Defense leverages Mattermost on Platform One. Mattermost was selected by the DoD to help centralize communication on secure channels. But our charter has since progressed, and now organizations across the DoD are using Mattermost on Platform One to share information, ask questions, and collaborate.

Air Mobility Command (AMC) is among our most active users. Before deploying Mattermost on Platform One, flight teams for AMC didn’t have a way to access critical documents on mobile devices. Pilots and crews could only access these documents from computers at designated offices, often impossible when they were in the field during an operation. With the introduction of Mattermost, flight crews gained the ability to securely access documents from mobile devices anywhere in the world. 

This is just one example of how Mattermost helps government organizations digitize and streamline operations. In fact, Mattermost is currently deployed to over 20,000 users within the DoD. Momentum is picking up. As I recently wrote for NextGov, awareness of the value of centralizing tools and processes, especially for R&D and technical organizations, is essential in the face of distributed work environments, fragile workflows, heightened security risks, and more. 

A unified collaboration platform, like Mattermost, that is dedicated to technical professionals can help break down not only information and technology barriers, but also the organizational silos that impede so many digital transformation efforts.

If you are interested in learning more, we would love for you to visit Mattermost Government solutions for more information, or find Mattermost on Fed Results


Ian Tien is CEO and co-founder of Mattermost, Inc., an open source platform for secure collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle. Hundreds of thousands of developers around the globe trust Mattermost to increase their productivity by bringing together team communication, task and project management, and workflow orchestration into a unified platform for agile software development.