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ChatOps is a collaborative, conversation-centric way of working

ChatOps on Mattermost brings disparate tools and workflows together to provide a shared console, so you can collaborate easily, shorten feedback loops, and automate repetitive, manual tasks.


Tie in development processes and tools for a more efficient, real-time ChatOps

  • Open Jira issues using a popup modal inside your chat window or using a slash command
  • Attach a message from Mattermost to an existing issue
  • Post Jira updates to Mattermost channels
  • Use slash commands to assign owners, transition, or close issues
overview Jira
gitlab github
  • Get a daily post letting you know which issues and merge requests require your attention
  • Get a direct message when someone mentions you, requests your review, assigns you something, or comments on or modifies one of your merge requests/issues
  • See how many reviews, unread messages, assignments and open merge requests you have with buttons in the Mattermost sidebar
  • Use the /gitlab or /github slash command to subscribe a Mattermost channel to notifications on a repo, get to-do items, or update your GitLab or GitHub settings
overview gitlab
  • Get notifications when new builds start, whether they are successful, and if exceptions or build failures occur
  • Consolidate builds into one channel and keep a timeline of status updates for key Jenkins builds in one place
  • Use the /jenkins slash commands to start new builds, get logs and artifacts, abort builds, and more
Overview Jenkins
Standup Raven
  • At the specified standup time, an automated reminder appears
  • Team members enter their standup items into a pre-configured window
  • Automatic standup report gets posted based on everyone’s update
Standup Raven

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Mattermost has saved us time and money while increasing user happiness.

—David Rowe, Manager of IT Systems Support, LAIKA

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