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Driving security and business value through broader DevOps

Effective deployment of DevOps today involves a wider set of teams beyond just developers and IT operations, particularly security teams and business leaders. Broader DevOps deployment enables benefits, including increased collaboration with security, effective use of new technology, and a tighter focus on business objectives and outcomes.

Collaboration is needed across more stakeholders – particularly security teams amid the DevSecOps trend and line-of-business and product managers, as well as leadership, to drive value.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss some of the key challenges to effective DevOps collaboration including:

  • Technical challenges including automating tasks, managing context switching and choosing appropriate tools
  • Organizational challenges to achieving more effective, productive workflows
  • The role and impact of generative AI on DevOps practices
  • Why developer experience is still critical to driving value inside and from the organization


Jay Lyman

Principal Analyst, 451 Research

Jay Lyman is a Principal Analyst with 451 Research’s Applied Infrastructure & DevOps Channel. He covers infrastructure software, primarily private cloud platforms, cloud management and enterprise use cases that center on orchestration, the confluence of software development and IT operations known as DevOps, Docker and containers. Jay’s analysis encompasses evolving IT operations and software release models, as well as the technology used to create, deploy and support infrastructure and applications in today’s enterprise and service-provider markets. Key areas of research also include OpenStack, PaaS and enterprise end users.

Victor Hernandez

Sr. Solutions Architect, Mattermost

Victor has worked extensively in the software industry for the past 20 years helping organizations improve their culture and methods for producing excellent software. Today he focuses primarily on helping DevOps teams improve their collaboration processes. Along the way, he’s experienced numerous successful transformations of Agile and DevOps teams in organizations of all sizes and has developed a strong understanding of the traits needed for a successful DevOps team.

Eva Sarafianou

Security Engineering Lead, Mattermost

Eva is the Product Security Engineering Lead at Mattermost overseeing the Product Security function. Previously she was a Principal Product Security Engineer at Auth0/Okta, leading key initiatives. Passionate about creating secure applications, Eva is dedicated to building a robust product security program and educating developers on security threats and best practices. Eva has previously shared her work and insights at BlackHat EU, Real World Crypto, and OWASP AppSec IL, among others.

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