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Whether at a college or university, or within your company’s in-house training program, Mattermost helps connect learners and teachers. Communicate fluidly across web, PC and phones with file sharing and instant search.

If you’re an academic institution or non-profit, special pricing is available to help you apply the benefits of Mattermost to your educational mission.

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Penn Manor School

Penn Manor School District

Penn Manor choose Mattermost over Slack for use in education.

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University of British Columbia

Mattermost replaces Blackboard IM at Faculty of Education.

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Why Choose Mattermost?

  • Peer-to-peer Support

    Peer-to-peer Support

    Uniting students in a Mattermost channel provides a searchable archive of relevant information, and a social group to go to for support. From where to find books and research materials to connecting to the school Wifi instructions, your community saves time and cost letting students ask and answer their own questions.

  • Social Circles

    Social Circles

    From sports teams to classroom groups, Mattermost provides a platform to connect and self-organize. Students can communicate in a social-setting that builds cross-team relationships and increases information flow.

  • History and Context

    History and Context

    When you share conversations in Mattermost, they come embedded in surrounding conversations, showing the history and evolution of every project and topic. That knowledge lets new team members make a bigger impact in less time.

  • Evergreen Reading Lists

    Evergreen Reading Lists

    Provide students with up-to-date reading lists containing messages and conversations with tags like #new-student-reading and #new-student-setup. When new content seems appropriate for a new student, any member of the school can add a tag so it’s added to the reading list.

  • More done in less time

    More done in less time

    Stop wasting time opening, closing and categorizing emails. Use topic-based messaging to start your day with what matters most. Set up alerts on mentions of your name and chosen keywords to prioritize what’s important.

Connect learners and teachers

Communicate fluidly across web, PC and phones with file sharing and instant search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work for the academic license?

For academic institutions we offer Mattermost Enterprise Edition E10 for no charge to students, and staff members pay regular price.

What do I need to qualify for the academic license?

You need to pay for at least 10 staff members in order to qualify for an academic license. Licenses are available for purchase either by credit card or via invoice and wire transfer.

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