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The enterprise messaging workspace for secure organizations

Developers use many different DevOps workflow tools for development, bug tracking, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), issues notification, source code repository, version control, testing tools and application reliability. Mattermost’s enterprise messaging workspace is the one tool that brings everything together where the entire team can collaborate in one place. Think of Mattermost as the unifying factor. Our productivity management software centralizes workflows and notifications, stitching together your segregated tools, from email to Jira.

“When we were looking for a highly secure, easy-to-deploy solution to manage communications for a robust command center, Mattermost exceeded our expectations and enabled us to replicate the functions of a well-funded operations center at a fraction of the cost. We were dealing with incredibly sensitive information and the security capabilities of Mattermost were exactly what we

Vince Crisler

Partner at Fortalice Solutions


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