Exclusive Intellyx Report: Double, Double, Toil is Trouble

intellyx toil is trouble

This whitepaper from Jason Bloomberg, President of IT and DevOps industry analyst firm, Intellyx, investigates the trouble with engineering toil – “the arch-nemesis of productive, efficient, innovative, and elegant work.” Jason takes a deep dive into some of the root causes of toil, including unnecessary context switching, while highlighting the uniqueness of an integrated collaboration platform that can centralize documentation and communication across processes and teams.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The impact that context switching and other disruptions have on obtaining a state of “flow”
  • Myriad limitations of developer tools that only offer “superficial collaboration capabilities”
  • The value derived from Mattermost’s integration developer collaboration platform, with native solutions for team communications, process planning and project management
  • Advantages gained from using a collaboration tool that can remove the toil from coding in order to help developers ship higher quality software
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intellyx toil is trouble