Mattermost and Microsoft: Maximize your developer productivity

Optimize your Microsoft environment for your technical teams with Mattermost, an open source messaging platform built by developers for developers.

Mattermost is purpose-built for developer collaboration

Mattermost offers a single pane of glass for your developers to coordinate workflows across multiple productivity apps.

Pre-built plugins (e.g., Jira, GitLab, Jenkins) and custom plugins provide contextual collaboration across DevOps processes.

User experience built for technical users

Moreover, Mattermost provides many productivity features specifically designed for the needs of developers, including:

  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Rich Markdown formatting
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Slash commands to automate functions, e.g., /standup
  • Compact view
  • Streamlined code review with git integrations
  • Unlimited search history
  • Extensive integration capability

Mattermost offers a broad set of integrations and services designed to work with Microsoft technologies and the Office 365 applications.

Pre-built Outlook calendar integration

With a two-way integration between Outlook calendar and Mattermost:

  • See a daily summary of calendar events
  • Sync calendar status automatically into Mattermost (e.g., “Away” if you have a meeting on your calendar)
  • Accept or decline calendar invites
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Skype integration for audio, video and screen share

Start audio and video calls with a click of a button in Mattermost, launching a new Skype meeting.

Users in a Mattermost channel can join a new meeting to share screens, present ideas, and discuss.

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OneDrive integration for Office 365

Integrate OneDrive experience within Mattermost via Integromat or Zapier allows you to:

  • Automatically upload new files or post messages in Mattermost
  • Send notifications for new files & folders uploaded to OneDrive
  • Upload and share files in OneDrive

Collabora Online plugin for Mattermost allows you to view and edit Office 365 files, i.e., Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

User Management with Azure Active Directory

Set up Azure Active Directory (AD) for user provisioning in Mattermost:

  • Sync groups to predefined roles in Mattermost
  • Automatically add and remove users from channels based on AD group membership
  • Assign team and channel roles to groups
  • Manage and delete groups with access to Mattermost
  • Use @ mentions to notify users in AD group

SSO with ADFS and Office 365

Manage user provisioning with Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS):

  • Enable single sign-on to Mattermost with ADFS credentials
  • Automatically federate user identities from ADFS to Mattermost, e.g., full name, email, username)
  • Automatically provision accounts in Mattermost for new users signing in with ADFS credentials
  • Automatically manage admin access to Mattermost with ADFS attributes

As an added bonus, Mattermost supports Office 365 SSO with support for Microsoft Active Directory Tenants.

Deploy Mattermost on your Microsoft environment across the entire organization

Control your Mattermost deployment

Get full control over your Mattermost architecture:

  • Deploy Mattermost on Azure Private Cloud
  • Deploy with a Mattermost Operator on your Azure Kubernetes Service—the world’s first Kubernetes Operator for a user application
  • Deploy with a Bitnami package from the Azure Marketplace.

Easy deployment using the MSI Installer

Deploy Mattermost Desktop App on your users’ Windows machines easily with Windows MSI installer.

Moreover, administrators can use Group Policies (GPO) to pre-configure desktop apps for their users and control server management page automatically for them.

Mattermost + Microsoft = Higher DevOps Efficiency

Increase observability, development velocity, and resolution speed with an open source messaging platform built by developers for developers.

Join the world’s largest companies who use Mattermost with Microsoft and Office 365