November 17, 2021

Mattermost Announces Government Solutions to Accelerate the Shift to Digital Operations

New Mattermost Government Solutions offering helps public sector and defense organizations transform digital operations while improving productivity, security and compliance 

Palo Alto, Calif., November 18, 2021– Mattermost, Inc. today announced the unveiling of Mattermost Government Solutions to provide public sector and defense organizations with a unified suite of collaboration tools, extensive security and compliance controls, and preferential pricing. The Mattermost messaging collaboration platform offers new functionality for workflow management, prescribed playbooks and task management, as well as purpose-built, developer-friendly integrations to ensure that Mattermost is easier to use, secure and deploy in public sector environments than any other solution on the market.

Mattermost is accelerating the shift to digital operations across Department of Defense agencies, such as the U.S. Air Force, that deploy software via Platform One. In addition, several public sector organizations, private defense contractors, federal agencies, and three of the top five system integrators, rely on Mattermost for the following benefits:

  • A single platform for collaboration: Mattermost is the command and control hub for technical teams. The platform features Channels (real time and asynchronous messaging collaboration), Playbooks (checklist-based workflow management) and Boards (Kanban-style project and task management), as well as integrations with a rich ecosystem of developer-centric applications including GitLab, Jira and Confluence. 
  • Customizable Playbooks for checklist-based processes: Team members can use the new Playbooks functionality to configure playbooks with built-in task checklists alongside real-time messaging to orchestrate digital processes that span tools, teams and missions. 
  • High availability, unmatched mission-critical security and privacy: Unlike other collaboration platforms, Mattermost can be reliably deployed on-premises, in air-gapped environments or in a secure cloud offering to ensure agencies maintain complete control of their data. The platform also offers strict, customizable access controls to help ensure military-grade security. 
  • Flexible licensing covering multiple networks: A single licensing mechanism to cover multiple networks through a collaboration platform. Mattermost provides the same tools and practices to separate teams — even those on different air-gapped networks.
  • Ease of procurement: Mattermost is widely available for purchase on a number of GWACS, including NASA SEWP,  and has a variety of channel partners that can help the government meet their small business goals. The platform also meets the requirements for Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for Section 508 compliance.  

“On the heels of our recent product launch, where we announced comprehensive new workflow and project management solutions to serve a wide range of software development processes — from sprint planning and release management to incident resolution and retrospectives, we recognized the need to serve our public agencies and defense organizations with a customized offering and preferential pricing,” said Ian Tien, CEO and co-founder, Mattermost. “Our government customers are essential open source advocates and critical Mattermost evangelists, and we’re delighted to offer them Government Solutions to serve as a centralized command and control hub for technical teams, alongside military-grade security.” 

The U.S Air Force is just one example of a government customer that relies on Mattermost to power secure communication, collaboration and workflow orchestration.  Mattermost is currently deployed to over 20,000 users within the DoD, including the USAF Air Mobility Command, which has used Mattermost to digitize the flight planning and approval process as part of the Digital Flight Crew initiative. 

“Using Mattermost offers a huge benefit in mission velocity and safety,” said Major Justin Poole, Chief of Innovation & Digital Air Crew Initiative Lead, 60th Air Mobility Wing, Travis Air Force Base. “The platform offers flexible deployment across Impact Levels (ILs), which makes it easier for our teams to onboard and recognize value quickly.”

“The speed at which the government can digitally transform is directly related to developer velocity, and we are excited to offer our government customers a secure, compliant and flexible solution to meet the needs of their development teams,” said Jack Blumenthal of FedResults. FedResults holds the GSA schedule for Mattermost.

Visit Mattermost Government solutions for more information, and visit Mattermost on Fed Results to learn more.

About Mattermost:

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