Renew your Enterprise Edition Subscription

Speak to our renewal team about renewing your Mattermost Enterprise Edition subscription.

How do I renew the Enterprise Edition subscription?

Specify the Enterprise Edition you want to renew, the user count and your contact information. To find the user count you want to renew for, log in to Mattermost as a System Admin and go to System Console > Site Statistics. The “Total Users” gives the user count on your server.

After submitting the renewal form, our renewal team will get in contact with you about your new subscription.

New users added during the subscription period will have a retroactive charge. See How can I add more users to my subscription? below.

For information on what happens when the Enterprise Edition subscription expires, see our frequently asked questions about licensing.

How can I add more users to my subscription?

You can add more users during your subscription period without requesting a license.

During the annual renewal, a retroactive charge will be placed for any unique users added during the past subscription period that is above the licensed total unique users in the current paid subscription. The retroactive charge per user will be the initial subscription cost per user.

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