Mattermost’s 2022 Award Program

The Mosties

The Mosties recognize the individuals and organizations that are committed to advancing digital workflow management, improving team collaboration, and boosting productivity.

What Makes a Mostie

A “Mostie” winner is an individual contributor, team leader, department, or organization that:

Leads Adoption

Thinks outside the box and adopts the best-fit tools to align teams and processes to get the job done

Collaborates Holistically

Embraces team collaboration beyond chat; integrates project management, workflows, and critical tools into the mix to foster alignment and improve productivity.

Extends and Integrates

Leverages modern and open technology for flexible and dynamic integrations with essential tools

Works Smarter

Embraces an agile approach to getting work done but harnesses process-based automation to execute quickly and decisively to deliver the right business outcomes.


All Mattermost users, customers, contributors, and community members can submit a nomination!


A panel of judges from across Mattermost and our community will assess submissions and select award winners. Stay tuned for more updates!


Nominations are open from May – Sept 1, 2022.


Winners will be announced in late September and will receive either a pair of Allbirds shoes or Apple AirPods Pro, as well as community recognition and exclusive Mosties swag and prizes.

Submit Your Nomination Today!