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The Max Planck Digital Library uses Mattermost to accelerate research workflows, maintain data sovereignty & ensure compliance

As a central institution of the Max Planck Society — one of the world’s premier research institutions, headquartered in Germany — the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) ensures that more than 25,000 researchers, scientists, and Ph.D. students have the tools they need to accelerate their work.

When COVID-19 appeared in 2020, many Max Planck facilities shut down to stop the spread of the virus. Suddenly, researchers needed a way to collaborate remotely while ensuring compliance with Germany’s strict privacy laws.

As a solution to this problem, the MPDL offered Mattermost, a secure collaboration hub for technical and operational teams. Today, more than 5,000 users are on Mattermost, and organic adoption is increasing 3% each month.

Watch this video case study to learn how Mattermost:

  • Helps the MPDL maintain compliance with Germany’s privacy laws
  • Enables scientists to accelerate groundbreaking research workflows
  • Helps researchers save time and frustration as a central repository for important work and discussions
  • Facilitates seamless knowledge transfer when team members join or leave


Matías Hernández

User Support Specialist at Max Planck Digital Library

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