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Connecting OSIRIS-REx's global team for innovative research while maintaining data sovereignty

In an effort to help us learn more about the origins of life on our planet, NASA launched OSIRIS-REx, its first asteroid sample return mission, in 2016. The mission involved building a spacecraft, flying it to an asteroid, extracting a sample in 2020, and returning the sample to Earth in 2023.

Achieving mission success required tight coordination between a team of 500 researchers largely based in Tucson, Arizona, which colleagues spread out across the world. To keep the team aligned, protect mission-critical data, and broadcast sample analysis updates out of the clean room, the OSIRIS-REx team relied on Mattermost.

Watch this video case study to learn how Mattermost:

  • Helped OSIRIS-REx protect export-controlled and proprietary information, maintaining data sovereignty
  • Enabled scientists to collaborate in real time to ensure a smooth return path
  • Improved morale and engagement, especially when the team was forced to work remotely during the pandemic
  • Became an “integral part of the team” during the mission


Tony Ferro

System administrator at the University of Arizona who’s tasked with managing IT for OSIRIS-REx

Carina Bennett

Project manager and software manager for OSIRIS-REx

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