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Streamline Incident Response with Mattermost & ServiceNow

It happens to all technical teams: you need to triage an internal system failure, recover from a security breach, or deal with a product outage. Are you confident in your incident response triage plan and processes, or would your team benefit from reducing your time to resolution?

With Mattermost and ServiceNow, you can collaborate efficiently and streamline incident response. Mattermost provides a centralized collaboration layer around ServiceNow, allowing you to take your siloed, inefficient incident workflows and turn them into standardized processes. Coordination, collaboration, and centralized notifications move the response forward effectively through stakeholder communications and record management within Mattermost.

In this session with Mattermost Sr. Product Manager Sandy Atkinson, learn how to:

  • Detect potential incidents with Mattermost
  • Use Mattermost Playbooks for an effective collaboration layer around ServiceNow incident management
  • Track, manage, and resolve incidents in ServiceNow more efficiently


Sandy Atkinson

Senior Product Manager

Sandy Atkinson is a Senior Product Manager at Mattermost. He’s worked extensively as both a Product Manager and Developer in the collaboration field and built integrations with systems such as FirstClass, Outlook, Slack, Office365 and Google Workspace.

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