Mattermost for Atlassian Suite

Mattermost and Atlassian accelerate mission-critical workflows to keep your team aligned and your data secure.

Atlassian and Mattermost work better together

Your Atlassian toolchains are essential to your business, but scattered context slows your team down. Mattermost brings all of the information your team needs together on one secure collaboration platform with robust bidirectional integrations, increasing team efficiency.

Control your data with a self-hosted deployment

Increase collaboration without sacrificing security and compliance. Keep sensitive team conversations and files completely under your control with on-premise or private cloud deployment.

Accelerate mission-critical workflows

Enable technical teams to move quickly and stay connected by bringing Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence into a collaboration environment designed for technical workflows with custom command line tools, collaborative checklists and task automation.

Increase reliability and response time

Improve response time and visibility by integrating Atlassian tools into a collaboration platform. Get notifications and trigger actions and updates directly from Mattermost to help your team respond up to 90% faster.

Bring mission-critical tools and workflows into one collaborative workspace

Get automated notifications in Mattermost

Set up automatic notifications from Atlassian products to individuals, groups, and channels.

Trigger actions and updates directly from chat

Use slash commands to trigger updates in Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket directly from a Mattermost chat window.

Extend and customize your collaboration environment

Mattermost is open source — build and customize your integrations to fit your team’s unique needs and workflows.

Integrate your favorite Atlassian products with Mattermost

Receive notifications or create and edit Jira tickets directly from Mattermost

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Connect your Confluence instance with Mattermost

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Sends Trello activity notifications to Mattermost channels

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Send Statuspage notifications to Mattermost channels

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Two-way integration to send updates and acknowledge, close, or assign issues

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Configurable, bi-directional app to integration Mattermost and Bitbucket

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Design your perfect workspace

From ideation to creation, implementation, and maintenance, our partners are here to provide highly-customized integrations that meet your organization’s specific workflow and security needs. Contact us to learn more.

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