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Documentation Guidelines

Mattermost serves a global audience, who might not use English as their first language. Please keep documentation simple, effective and ready-to-translate. Simple Aim for the reading ability of an 11-year old. Use short sentences. Avoid large words. When things get complicated, choose clarity over completeness. Effective Focus on achieving understanding in the reader, over total correctness Start with what’s important, …

Mattermost v0.6.0-rc2 available

We’re happy to announce the second release candidate for Mattermost v0.6.0-alpha, and we plan to ship the final version Friday, August 7, 2015.While this version is in production use by multiple teams, secured behind VPNs and other safeguards, we’re being conservative and calling v0.6.0 “alpha” and recommending it not be used in production deployments since we can’t guarantee API stability or …

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