CloudApp integration brings the GIFs, screenshots and recordings you create directly into Mattermost

(Editor’s note: This guest post was contributed by Ryan Lancaster at CloudApp.)

The CloudApp community is very excited to announce our new integration with Mattermost, helping to create a better communication experience for teams, enterprises and individuals.

Mattermost centralizes communication with an easy-to-navigate enterprise messaging workspace that offers security, scalability and open source flexibility.

CloudApp helps to enhance that messaging experience with the use of visual media like GIFs, screenshots and recordings. The fusion of both together makes sharing ideas easy, efficient and effective.

Sharing ideas with others on a computer can be difficult; accurately conveying your thoughts usually entails typing out long descriptions or steps for someone to follow. This often leaves teammates confused and managers frustrated as they need to deal with several questions. In the same way that people use both words and hand gestures to communicate in everyday speech, online communication needs to take two forms as well.

This is how we bring true communication into the digital world.

How CloudApp and Mattermost make team communication better:

1. Allow teams to show—not tell

We help Mattermost teams to easily communicate complex concepts more efficiently and effectively with visual messaging.

2. Easily edit and annotate

Avoid painful miscommunications and costly delays by getting your point across right the first time. Use arrows, boxes and annotations to help eliminate needless back-and-forth chat, endless meetings and time-consuming reviews.

3. Share visuals with the whole team

Capture a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp will automatically create a shareable link that team members can drag and drop right into their Mattermost chat windows.

How CloudApp and Mattermost are enabling effective enterprise communication:

1. Fostering team collaboration

With our CloudApp platform, enterprises can create incredible cross-team collaboration solutions.

Dedicated Mattermost project channels can now work collaboratively in a visually engaging space, keeping everyone on track and helping to shave hours off their production time.

Companies can now run more productive DevOps teams simply by using screen capturing and annotations to communicate faster and more effectively.

Management can even create smart policies that enforce security measures and restrict access to content based on user profile or physical location. Track who’s viewing your content so you can always keep your sensitive information safe.

Restrict access based on user profiles and physical locations.

2. Improving team management

Mattermost gives enterprise organizations the tools to streamline their team management like never before. Now, with CloudApp, clients can take their team management to a whole new level.

  1. Employee onboarding. Invite new employees to key channels and easily bring them up to speed with video tutorials.
  2. Project approvals and reviews. Managers can get visual updates on team progress and quickly message employees back with reviews and feedback.
  3. Critical company-wide communications. Use special headline channels to send engaging visuals to highlight team wins or call attention to important issues.

3. Putting security first


Control who sees the content you share.

Mattermost and CloudApp both want to help enterprises communicate more effectively. But we also want to make sure they’re communicating safely and securely.

To complement Mattermost’s wealth of security measures, we have built CloudApp with an advanced multi-layer security system that includes:

  • 256-bit SSL enforcement
  • Custom SSL
  • Authentication and two-factor (2FA) control
  • Multi-layered access control, including user and organization level, password or IP network
  • Self-destruction by expiration time or view count

All this so you can feel confident sending the important visuals you have to the team that needs them.

CloudApp shortens the distance between communicators.

We are very proud of what we’ve built at CloudApp and we’re excited to work with Mattermost to help teams and individuals share ideas faster with visually rich GIFs, annotated screenshots and recordings. We want to help teams overcome the barriers of text-only communication with newfound visual prowess. We encourage everyone to give CloudApp a try and start working at the speed of sight!

We love feedback! Feel free to share your thoughts with CloudApp here.

About the author:

Ryan Lancaster is passionate about marketing and helping people. When he’s not blogging for CloudApp he volunteers his marketing skills to help jumpstart positive social initiatives.

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Jason Blais is a Lead Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost, Jason served as a product manager and analytics manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Jason has also provided statistical consultation at Stanford University. He is a University of Waterloo alumnus.