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Looking ahead to general availability of Collapsed Reply Threads

We appreciate all the incredible feedback the Mattermost community has provided about Collapsed Reply Threads since launching in beta in Mattermost Cloud and Self-Managed v5.37 and later.

We are working as quickly as possible towards resolving known issues and then promoting this feature to be generally available.

collapsed reply threads general availability preview

What does generally available mean?

We promote features from beta to generally available when we are confident that we’re delivering a stable and scalable feature with a high-quality user experience on all your devices. We heavily base our decision to move features from beta to generally available on feedback from our community and customers.

What should I expect as a System Administrator?

Using Collapsed Reply Threads in your instance is not mandatory. When launched as generally available, System Administrators may configure Collapsed Reply Threads for their instance in four ways:

  • Off: Users cannot access Collapsed Reply Threads
  • Default Off: Users may choose to enable Collapsed Reply Threads in Account Settings.
  • Default On: Users see Collapsed Reply Threads by default and can optionally disable it for themselves in Account Settings.
  • Always On: All users must use Collapsed Reply Threads.

When will Collapsed Reply Threads be generally available?

We expect to ship Collapsed Reply Threads as generally available in Q2 2022. We appreciate the help and guidance from the community and customers in identifying bugs and stabilizing the feature.

(Ed. Note – This post has been updated with a revised GA date.)

Specifically, we are focused on:

  • Creating a seamless migration for users when they enable Collapsed Reply Threads for the first time. We want to ensure users maintain their conversations and unread messages accurately in the transition.
  • Stabilizing the mobile user experience of Collapsed Reply Threads that launched in beta this month.
  • Testing and optimizing performance at scale for large databases.
  • Responding to user feedback and adjusting the user experience accordingly.

Check out this YouTube tutorial and our documentation to learn more about Collapsed Reply Threads:


Eric Sethna is a Senior Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost, he worked as a Product Manager for SpinPunch, Inc., a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Eric earned a bachelor of applied science degree in civil engineering from the University of Waterloo.