6 tips for hacking productivity & more: The May 2022 Build

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What We Upvoted This Month

  1. After years of developer contention and obscene gestures from Linus Torvalds, NVIDIA has finally released their GPU kernel modules
  2. A deep dive into how the team at Flagsmith manages their CI/CD process and builds their product “completely in the open.” 
  3. Everyone wants to tap into better productivity, but adding yet another tool to your workflow might create more signal than noise. One of these six productivity techniques might be the key to getting more done.  
  4. What do engineering orgs like those at Google, Spotify, and GitLab have in common? They’ve built developer-centric cultures that help teams do their best work
  5. Interested in trying your hand at writing concurrent code? This in-depth guide to building a microservices data pipeline has got you covered.

Open Source Projects Worth Checking Out

  • RustDesk: Open source virtual/remote desktop infrastructure for everyone!
  • Watermelon Tools: Highlight a piece of code to see its historical context
  • NannyML: OSS Python library for detecting silent ML model failure

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