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Introducing The Build: A Newsletter for Software Engineers

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching The Build, a newsletter for software engineers dedicated to sharing useful technical content on effective development and collaboration techniques. In each release, we’ll share what we’re reading this month, open source projects we’re inspired by, and more news from the DevOps community.

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What We’ve Upvoted This Month

  1. Open source code security impacts everyone – that’s why Big Tech sent Big Dollars to OpenSSF to improve secure coding practices.
  2. Looking for a fun DIY project for 2022? Why not build your own personal weather station
  3. ChatOps can make everything from customer support to IT tickets move a little more smoothly. Automate away repetitive processes with these open source chatbots
  4. Every incident is a little different – that’s why a repeatable incident response workflow is so tricky. The right process documentation is step #1
  5. Is an IPO the right endgame for every company? Open Collective cofounder Pia Mancini shares her perspective on why they’re exploring an “exit to community,” and what that means for their community members.

Open Source Projects Worth Checking Out 

  • Ottr – Serverless public key infrastructure from Airbnb that handles end-to-end certificate rotations.
  • NextArch Foundation – A new Linux Foundation initiative to develop a next-generation architecture that supports compatibility between microservices.
  • Driftwood – A security tool from Truffle Security that detects leaked public/private keypairs on the internet.

Want to discover even more open source projects? We highlight open source projects on our radar in every installment of Open Source Matters – check out the latest edition, or take a look at our list of the best open source projects to contribute to in 2022.

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