unblocking workflows announcement

Introducing “Unblocking Workflows: The Guide to Developer Productivity in 2022”

As we head into a new year, software organizations are making plans, setting team goals, and revisiting their roadmaps for 2022. But for many teams, the tools, processes, and practices they rely on to collaborate continually fall short — and in some cases, are blocking them from shipping high quality code as quickly as they need to. 

This is why we’re excited to announce the release of Unblocking Workflows: The Guide to Developer Productivity in 2022. Based on our survey of over 300 developers and an extensive assessment of the software development landscape, we’ve developed this guide to help you understand the challenges your team will face in 2022, learn how other developers are thinking about productivity, and discover new ways to ensure your team is equipped to be more productive, efficient, and innovative in the new year. 

Read on for a few of our key takeaways on developer productivity, or check out the entire Guide for yourself!

Software Ate the World; Now, Demands on Developers are Higher Than Ever

In the guide, we share our findings on how the software industry is changing, and how these trends will impact developer productivity in 2022. Our biggest takeaway: true to Marc Andreesen’s assertion, software has eaten the world. Now that every company is a software company, the demands on software developers are higher than ever. Increasing demands for high quality, highly secure software— coupled with a job market that outstrips the availability of technical talent— means that developers are working harder than ever. To stay competitive, organizations must ensure that their developer teams have the resources they need, from the right tools and technologies to a culture that supports innovation.  

Context Switching Keeps Teams From Being Productive

We learned that context switching is at the heart of many productivity challenges that developer teams face, leading to major issues for 71% of the respondents of our survey. Switching between tools, managing manual tasks, and contending with fragile workflows all create drag that keeps teams from staying focused on the work they want to be doing. Enabling a highly productive development team requires not just the right tools, processes, and people, but also the connective tissue that brings everything together seamlessly…without undue distractions.

Improving Developer Productivity is a Team Effort, Not Solo Work

The term “developer productivity” comes with some baggage — it’s often used in attempts to capture and quantify the work that an individual developer does. Instead of focusing on any single productivity metric, we focused on practices and processes that often feed into those numbers and build the foundation of the real goal behind measuring developer productivity: keeping your development team engaged, innovative, and building great products that they’re proud of on a daily basis. We found that teams that want to improve developer productivity must think about it as a team objective that can be achieved when people, tools, and processes are optimized to work better together. 

Read the Guide to Developer Productivity Now 

If you’re looking forward to 2022 and curious what your team can do to move faster, ship higher quality code, and generally stay ahead of the curve, we encourage you to read the rest of the guide! Unblocking Workflows: The Guide the Developer Productivity in 2022 is now available in our Resource Library.