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Keyboard Shortcuts in Slack and Mattermost

In an increasingly connected world that moves faster every day, everyone’s always trying to get more done in less time at work.

Are you enjoying the most productive Mattermost experience?

To increase your productivity on Mattermost, you may want to consider giving keyboard shortcuts and slash commands a spin.

Keyboard shortcuts and slash commands help you move across the Mattermost interface more efficiently. They also make it easier for you to multitask because you don’t have to rely on a cursor to move from one place to the next or perform specific functions (e.g., opening a direct message box or clicking on an unread message).

Many of the Mattermost shortcuts are the same as they are on Slack. So if you’re familiar with Slack, you should have a relatively easy time figuring out a faster way around Mattermost.

To streamline your learning experience, we’ve put together a quick guide you can reference to increase your productivity on Mattermost with keyboard shortcuts and slash commands.

Move across the Mattermost platform faster, find messages that require your attention in less time, and send messages to colleagues quicker using the following keyboard shortcuts:

On Windows On Mac Description
ALT+UP OPTION+UP Previous channel or direct message in left-hand sidebar
ALT+DOWN OPTION+DOWN Next channel or direct message in left-hand sidebar
ALT+SHIFT+UP OPTION+SHIFT+UP Previous channel or direct message in left-hand sidebar with unread messages
ALT+SHIFT+DOWN OPTION+SHIFT+DOWN Next channel or direct message in left-hand sidebar with unread messages
CTRL+K CMD+K Open a quick channel switcher dialog
CTRL+SHIFT+K CMD+SHIFT+K Open the Direct Messages dialog
CTRL+SHIFT+A CMD+SHIFT+A Open the Account Settings dialog
CTRL+SHIFT+M CMD+SHIFT+M Open recent mentions
CTRL+SHIFT+L CMD+SHIFT+L Set focus to center channel input field

2. Files

Send files to your peers across Mattermost instead of using email with this simple shortcut:

On Windows On Mac Description
CTRL+U CMD+U Upload a file

3. Messages

Send messages and emojis through Mattermost faster and track down your colleagues’ usernames in a few keystrokes with these shortcuts:

On Windows On Mac Description
CTRL+UP (in empty input field) CMD+UP (in empty input field) Reprint previous message or slash command you entered
CTRL+DOWN (in empty input field) CMD+DOWN (in empty input field) Reprint next message or slash command you entered
SHIFT+UP (in empty input field) SHIFT+UP (in empty input field) Reply to the most recent message in the current channel
UP (in empty input field) UP (in empty input field) Edit your last message in the current channel
@[character]+TAB @[character]+TAB Autocomplete @username beginning with [character]
~[character]+TAB ~[character]+TAB Autocomplete channel beginning with [character]
:[character]+TAB :[character]+TAB Autocomplete emoji beginning with [character]

4. Browser Built-in

Become more productive on Mattermost using these keyboard shortcuts designed to make your team work more efficiently:

On Windows On Mac Description
ALT+LEFT CMD+[ Previous channel in your history
ALT+RIGHT CMD+] Next channel in your history
CTRL+PLUS CMD+PLUS Increase font size (zoom in)
CTRL+MINUS CMD+MINUS Decrease font size (zoom out)
SHIFT+UP (in input field) SHIFT+UP (in input field) Highlight text to the previous line
SHIFT+DOWN (in input field) SHIFT+DOWN (in input field) Highlight text to the next line
SHIFT+ENTER (in input field) SHIFT+DOWN (in input field) Create a new line

Keep in mind that you don’t have to memorize all these shortcuts—or even any of them.

When you’re using Mattermost, a handy shortcut menu is always just a quick CTRL+/ away (CMD+/ on Mac):

Mattermost Shortcuts

5. Slash commands

Like Slack, Mattermost also gives you the ability to use slash commands (i.e., messages that begin with /) to perform specific actions in the platform without using a mouse or touchscreen.

Mattermost comes with a number of built-in slash commands out of the box, and teams can unlock addition productivity gains by building custom slash commands that support their unique workflows.

Here are some of the slash commands you can start using today:

Command Description Example
/away Set your status away /away
/offline Set your status offline /offline
/online Set your status online /online
/dnd Set your status to Do Not Disturb /dnd
/code {text} Display text as a code block /code File bugs
/collapse Turn on auto-collapsing of image previews /collapse
/expand Turn off auto-collapsing of image previews /expand
/echo {message} {delay in seconds} Echo back text from your account /echo Hello World 5
/header {text} Edit the channel header /header File bugs here
/invite @{user} ~{channel name} Invite user to a channel /invite @john ~sampleChannel
/purpose {text} Edit the channel purpose /purpose A channel to discuss bugs
/rename {text} Rename the channel /rename Developers
/help Open the Mattermost help page /help
/invite_people {[email protected]} Send an email invite to your Mattermost team /invite_people [email protected]
/kick (or /remove) {@username} Remove a member from a public or private channel /kick @john
/join (or /open) {channel-name] Join the given channel /join off-topic
/leave Leave the current channel /leave
/mute Turns off desktop, email, and push notifications for the current channel or the [channel] specified /mute ~[channel]
/shrug {message} Add ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message /shrug oh well

You don’t have to memorize any of these, either. Simply type / in a message box and a list of slash commands will appear.

You can also create custom slash commands to perform additional functions. For more information on slash commands, head over to our docs.

Here’s to an even more productive Mattermost experience!