MatterCon 2018 Hackathon Highlights

MatterCon brings the Mattermost product team, core contributors and community members together to discuss the product roadmap, hack together and meet in person. As a globally remote team, it’s nice to see each other every few months.

MatterCon 2018 brought us to Lisbon, Portugal.

It was a productive and fun event.

One of my favorite parts was the 24-hour hackathon. Check out the video below for a summary of what we built together.

I hope you enjoy some of the ideas as much as I did.

—Corey Hulen, CTO at Mattermost.

Don’t have time to watch the full 31-minute video? Here’s a playlist:

0:43 | Martin Kraft & Jesús Espino – Focus status and improved search
8:10 | Chris Brown – GitHub pull release plugin
8:57 | Craig Vitter – Jenkins integration
11:00 | Harrison Healey, Elias Nahum, Mike Gamble. Saturnino Abril & James Applegate – MatterHome (welcome page)
17:18 | Rich Taylor – LinkedIn for Mattermost
20:47 | Mark Cho – User tagging
21:57 | Joram Wilander, Christopher Speller & Carlos Panato – GitHub plugin for Mattermost
26:40 | Jason Blais, Amy Blais & Lindsay Brock – How to contribute documentation


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