MatterCon 2018 Hackathon Highlights

MatterCon brings the Mattermost product team, core contributors and community members together to discuss the product roadmap, hack together and meet in person. As a globally remote team, it’s nice to see each other every few months.

MatterCon 2018 brought us to Lisbon, Portugal.

It was a productive and fun event.

One of my favorite parts was the 24-hour hackathon. Check out the video below for a summary of what we built together.

I hope you enjoy some of the ideas as much as I did.

—Corey Hulen, CTO at Mattermost.

Don’t have time to watch the full 31-minute video? Here’s a playlist:

0:43 | Martin Kraft & Jesús Espino – Focus status and improved search
8:10 | Chris Brown – GitHub pull release plugin
8:57 | Craig Vitter – Jenkins integration
11:00 | Harrison Healey, Elias Nahum, Mike Gamble. Saturnino Abril & James Applegate – MatterHome (welcome page)
17:18 | Rich Taylor – LinkedIn for Mattermost
20:47 | Mark Cho – User tagging
21:57 | Joram Wilander, Christopher Speller & Carlos Panato – GitHub plugin for Mattermost
26:40 | Jason Blais, Amy Blais & Lindsay Brock – How to contribute documentation


Corey is CEO of Mattermost Federal, Inc. and co-founder of Mattermost, Inc. He was previously CTO of Mattermost. Before Mattermost, Corey  founded Tempo AI, an artificial intelligence startup that originated at the Stanford Research Institute. Before that, Corey served as an engineering manager and architect for Microsoft Office in its enterprise software business across the SharePoint and Business Intelligence product lines. He is an alumnus of California Polytechnic State University.