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Mattermost 5.6: Interactive message dialogs, new admin tools, Ukrainian language support and more


Mattermost 5.6 is filled with new features designed to increase team productivity:

  • Interactive dialogsbuild more powerful integrations thanks to a new feature that enables you to open dialogs that gather information from end users directly in the Mattermost interface
  • New admin commandsimprove admin productivity with more than a dozen new CLI commands
  • Ukrainian language supportmore than 45 million native Ukrainian speakers will feel right at home on Mattermost thanks to a new language support
  • Platform enhancements enjoy a more productive Mattermost experience with many platform improvements, including a new bar that shows progress on uploads
  • Mobile app improvementsget more done on the go with several new mobile enhancements, including jumbo emoji support and pinned posts
  • New desktop search featurefind what you’re looking for faster with a new shortcut that works like a browser-like search

Try these new features by downloading Mattermost 5.6 today.

Thanks for all community contributions this month and in particular our 5.6 MVP, Pradeep Murugesan, who added group channels as part of the “more direct messages” suggestions, bringing his total lifetime contributions to Mattermost up to 14. Thank you, Pradeep!

Extend integrations with interactive dialogs

Now you can build even more powerful integrations due to a new feature that enables plugins to trigger interactive dialogs that prompt users to input information. Those inputs are then automatically submitted back to the integration.

Thanks to this functionality, users can open a Jira ticket directly in Mattermost by filling out a simple form, for example.


For more information, check this out.

Increase productivity with new admin commands

Mattermost 5.6 includes more than a dozen new commands that enable admins to manage slash commands, configuration settings, teams and webhooks directly from the command line.

You’ll also notice an improvement to the bulk exporter which makes it easier to migrate data from multiple servers to a single one.

Check out the changelog for more.

Mattermost now supports the Ukrainian language

At Mattermost, our goal is to improve productivity for organizations around the world.

We’re happy to announce that Mattermost is now available in Ukrainian. Thank you, Lena, for your amazing work!

In other news, Romanian language support, which first appeared in Mattermost 5.2, was promoted out of beta.

With the addition of Ukrainian language support, Mattermost is now available in 16 languages. But we’re not stopping there. Our community is currently working on translating Mattermost into several other languages, including Czech, Serbian, Swedish and more.

If you’re interested in translating Mattermost into a new language, we’d love your help. Please stop by and join the Mattermost localization channel to get started.

Thanks to all our localization leads who help bring Mattermost to productivity-minded individuals around the world: aeomin (Simplified Chinese), Carlos Panato (Portuguese), Christian Arnold (German), Elias Nahum (Spanish), Ema Panz (Italian), Kaya Zeren (Turkish), Michael Longo (Italian), Timo Mass (Polish), Hyeseong Kim (Korean), Rodrigo Corsi (Portuguese), Ryo Onodera (Japanese), Tim Estermann (German), Tze-Kei Lee (Traditional Chinese), Viorel-Cosmin Miron (Romanian), William Gathoye (French), Lena (Ukrainian) and Yusuke Nemoto (Japanese).

Enjoy a more powerful Mattermost experience

Mattermost 5.6 includes a number of new user-focused features, including:

1. The ability to search for existing group messages in the Direct Messages More list

2. A new progress bar for file uploads

Progress bar

3. A new badge added to the profile popover that indicates a user is an admin at the channel, team or system level

Admin Badge

Check out the changelog for more.

Get more done when you’re on the go

We added several new features to the Mattermost 1.15 mobile app that will help you get more done when you’re out of the office:

    • Mention and reply mention highlighting
    • Support for pinned posts
    • Support for jumbo emojis
    • Improved UI for the post action menu and emoji reaction viewer
  • Network connection improvements with an auto-reconnect feature that activates when a device is unable to reach the server

For more, head over to the mobile changelog.

Find information faster on desktop

It’s easier than ever to find the information you’re looking for on the Mattermost 4.2 desktop app, which includes a new Ctrl/Cmd+F shortcut that mimics a browser-like search tool.

Some other updates in our desktop app include:

    • Support for the English (UK), Portuguese (BR), Spanish (ES) and Spanish (MX) languages has been added to the spell checker, so teams can worry less about typos
    • Autostart has been enabled by default; new installs will have the desktop app launch when the computer is turned on (this feature can be disabled in the desktop app preferences)
  • A DMG installer has been added for cleaner installs on MacOS

See what else is new in our desktop app here.

A note on deprecated features

To provide an even stronger Mattermost experience, we’ve also deprecated some features in Mattermost 5.6.

First, support for WebRTC was removed. Mattermost had supported a WebRTC integration (beta) for one-on-one video calling and audio calling.

Why’d we make the change?

We initially included a WebRTC integration as a prototype for community development. Since then, we’ve shifted our focus to open source integrations and plugins. By removing support for WebRTC, we can ensure other video and audio conferencing integrations are stronger.

Currently, Mattermost users have three options for video conferencing:

    • A Zoom plugin, which is installed by default on Mattermost servers

Support for additional web conferencing solutions, including WebEx, is in the works.

Head over to our forum to learn more.

We also removed mobile view support on IE11 due to low usage. Now, we can invest more of our energy in maintaining a high-quality experience on browsers that are more popular with our users.

Both tablet and full view are still available on IE11. If mobile view is needed, we recommended using the desktop app, Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Otherwise, instead of entering mobile view, there will be a horizontal scrollbar after the window shrinks below a certain width.

Thank you to our contributors

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Lindsay Brock is the former Head of Product for Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost in January 2015, she served as a product manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Lindsay is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, where she earned a bachelor of applied science degree in engineering.