AI Copilot for Mattermost

Mattermost AI Copilot: Accelerating the conversation with LLMs

Hello, Mattermost community! 

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Mattermost Copilot, a groundbreaking addition to the Mattermost platform.

This plugin is not just a tool. It’s a way for organizations to deploy artificial intelligence in mission-critical environments — a true game-changer. 

With that in mind, let’s explore how this plugin will establish new standards in workplace collaboration for Mattermost Enterprise customers. 🌟

Install and configure the plugin today by visiting the repository on GitHub and following the guides in the README.

Why use the Mattermost Copilot?

Staying ahead means embracing innovation. Organizations that adopt AI into their workflow practices are going to achieve unmatched success in the coming years. They will utilize their pre-existing data to leverage insights and actions and automate their work with ambient AI and other agents. Those that use Mattermost will leverage the AI plugin. 

Transforming ChatOps and workflows with AI

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful enterprises. This is where AI comes into play, bringing a transformative touch to ChatOps and workflows. 

Mattermost Copilot is not just about integrating AI into your existing systems; it’s about redefining how teams interact, collaborate, and achieve their goals. By seamlessly blending AI capabilities with our robust Mattermost platform, we’re not only enhancing efficiency but also unlocking new possibilities in workplace communication. 🌐🚀

Let’s explore how these AI-enhanced features are set to enhance your day-to-day operations.

The AI RHS 📥

The AI is just a click away in the right-hand sidebar. Get started with some suggested prompts, or ask away in your private thread with the AI.

Privately chat with your AI Copilot inside Mattermost via the right-hand sidebar.

Contextual interrogation 🔍

Got follow-up questions? Ask away!

The AI bots provide deeper insights into channel and thread content. Just @ mention your bot in the thread to loop the power of AI into the conversation. Quickly extract information or convert discussions into charts, resources, documentation, articles, and more. Combined with Mattermost Plugins, there are no limits to your workflow.

Bring your AI into the conversation. @ mention your AI Copilot directly within any thread and use the context to work faster and smarter.

Thread & unread channel message summarization 📜

Imagine having the essence of long discussions delivered straight to you. With the “Summarize Thread” feature, get concise summaries via Direct Message, accelerating decision-making and information flow.

Quickly summarize unread channel messages, using the AI to cut through the chatter and find any next steps and unanswered questions.

Quickly summarize new messages, find action opens, and seek out unanswered questions with your AI Copilot.

Mattermost Calls meeting summarization 📅

Turn your meeting recordings into actionable summaries. This feature synergizes with the Mattermost Calls plugin, ensuring you never miss any key points.

Easily share the updates from your Mattermost Calls with your team and broader organization by turning recordings into detailed summaries at the click of a button.

Your flexible LLM backend 🙆‍♀️

With Mattermost Copilot, you’re never locked in to any specific LLM or AI provider. Mattermost administrators can effortlessly swap out the AI back-end in the System Console at any time.

Retain all of your work and avoid AI lock-in

Mattermost AI Copilot integrates local and third-party large language models (LLMs) seamlessly into your Mattermost environment, enabling smarter, faster, and more efficient communication. 🧠

Roadmap and future directions 🛣️

And we’re just getting started with Mattermost Copilot, as our vision extends far beyond. We’re looking at enhancing AI capabilities, integrating more third-party services, and constantly refining the user experience. 

We want you, our users, to co-create this future with us!

Join our Mattermost Copilot Plugin contributor campaign 🌟

We’re inviting all developers and AI enthusiasts to contribute to the Mattermost AI Copilot Plugin. This is your chance to dive into open source development and help shape the future of AI-powered collaboration.

To get started, follow our developer setup guide to prepare your development environment. From there, you should engage with fellow contributors in the ~AI-Exchange channel, and participate in our Discourse forums.

Suggested ‘Help Wanted’ tickets

Your voice matters! 💬

This is where you come in! We’re not just seeking feedback; we’re inviting you to shape the future of the Mattermost Copilot Plugin. How are you using AI in your workflows? What features do you dream of?

Fill out our survey form to let us know. Your input is crucial in driving sustainable innovation in this exciting project. 🌱

The Mattermost Copilot Plugin is more than an add-on; it’s a stepping stone toward a smarter, more connected, more efficient workplace. As a leader in workplace collaboration, Mattermost is committed to empowering teams with the best of AI technology.

Join us in this journey, contribute your ideas, and let’s revolutionize the way we work, together! 🌍✨

Stay connected, stay ahead. Welcome to the future of collaboration with Mattermost AI Copilot Plugin. 🚀🤖💼

To get started, download the Mattermost Copilot Plugin or tell your Mattermost admin about it. To share feedback on the roadmap, please fill out the survey!

To learn more about the capabilities of the Mattermost Copilot and to see a demo of the plugin in action, head to the Copilot page.

Andrew Zigler is a developer advocate at Mattermost and public speaker at the intersection of AI and open source technologies. After studying Classics at The University of Texas at Austin and later teaching English in Japan, he continues to champion career and technical education for his audience.