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Mattermost 5.2: Upgraded plugin system, search archived channels, Romanian language support and more

Bună ziua!

Mattermost 5.2 has new features designed to improve team productivity:

  • Plugin system upgrade – based on feedback from our community, we’ve made significant changes to our plugin system, which gives you the ability to extend Mattermost to better meet your custom requirements
  • Search archived channels – find the older information you’re looking for quickly with a new feature that lets you view and search archived channels
  • Embed Mattermost in other apps (beta) – we’ve added support for extensions so you can now embed Mattermost on websites and in other apps
  • Romanian language support – 24 million native Romanian speakers will now feel more at home on Mattermost thanks to new language support
  • Deep linking on mobile – save time when you’re on the go now that permalinks can automatically open the Mattermost app on both Android and iOS

Try these new features by downloading Mattermost 5.2 today. Since it includes security updates, upgrading is recommended.

Thanks for all community contributions this month and in particular our 5.2 MVP, Daniel Schalla, who submitted five pull requests, including the implementation of additional plugin API methods. This brings his lifetime contributions up to 13. Thank you, Daniel!

Plugin system receives major upgrade

The Mattermost plugin framework enables you to extend and customize the platform to accelerate your workflows.

To this end, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added several powerful new features to our plugin system:

  • Enhanced plugin logging – log like you normally would to stdout or stderr or use the new logging API to capture them in Mattermost structured server logs
  • Custom WebSocket events – publish your own WebSocket events from the server-side of your plugin and add function handlers for events on your client-side
  • Expanded APIs – enjoy more power and options both server-side and client-side thanks to new APIs (thank you, dschalla!)
  • CLI management – manage plugins directly from the Mattermost command-line interface (thank you, santos22!)

Since this upgrade represents breaking changes, you’ll need to migrate your existing plugins to ensure they’re compatible with Mattermost 5.2 and later. Need some help? Follow our migration guide.

We’ve put together a post on our forum that outlines the changes in a detailed manner. Some highlights:

  • We’ve focused on extensibility over replacement during this overhaul, meaning one or more plugins can now extend Mattermost UI components instead of fighting over which plugin gets to override a single component.
  • The server-side is now built on top of HashiCorp’s production-proven Golang plugin.

For more information, see a demo plugin in action here, explore a sample plugin repository here and check out our docs.

And here’s an up-to-date list of the pluggable UI components. For even more information, here’s the changelog.

View and search archived channels

Looking for something you posted in Mattermost several months or years ago in a channel that’s since been archived?

Now you can find it easily thanks to a new feature that allows you to view and search archived channels directly from the Mattermost interface. Give it a try on web, desktop and mobile.

More information is available here.

Embed Mattermost in websites, other apps (beta)

You can now embed Mattermost in other apps and websites via OAuth 2.0 thanks to a new beta feature that adds support for extensions.

Need some help to get started? Find a sample extension for Chrome here. For tips on how to write an extension, check out our docs.

Mattermost now supports the Romanian language

At Mattermost, we strive to improve productivity for companies all around the world.

To this end, we’re pleased to announce that Mattermost now supports the Romanian language thanks to a translation added by V. Cosmin Miron, a member of our community.

Thank you, Cosmin!

Mattermost is now available in 15 languages, with more to come! Members of our community are currently working on translating Mattermost into Czech, Serbian, Ukrainian, Swedish and other languages.

Would you like to help translate a new language? Please visit and join the Mattermost localization channel to meet the community and get started.

Thanks to all our localization leads who help bring Mattermost to productivity-minded individuals around the world: aeomin (Simplified Chinese), Archie Roller (Russian), Ron Hartman (Dutch), Carlos Panato (Portuguese), Christian Arnold (German), Elias Nahum (Spanish), Ema Panz (Italian), Kaya Zeren (Turkish), Michael Longo (Italian), Robert Japelski (Polish), Hyeseong Kim (Korean), Rodrigo Corsi (Portuguese), Ryo Onodera (Japanese), Tim Estermann (German), Pierre-Julien Grizel (French), Tze-Kei Lee (Traditional Chinese), Viorel-Cosmin Miron (Romanian), William Gathoye (French) and Yusuke Nemoto (Japanese).

Deep linking on mobile

Permalinks can now open the Mattermost mobile app for both Android and iOS, saving you time when you’re on the go.

If no platform-specific configuration is found when the app is installed, the deep linking code sits silently and permalinks act like regular links.

For more information, check out the docs.

Thank you to our contributors

alanpog, Alexgoodman7, amyblais, asaadmahmood, burguyd, cometkim, comharris, coreyhulen, cpanato, crspeller, csduarte, der-test, DHaussermann, DSchalla, enahum, esethna, falcon78921, fdebrabander, grundleborg, herooftimeandspace, hmhealey, icelander, it33, jasonblais, jespino, Jessica-c53, JustinReynolds-MM, jwilander, kaakaa, kennethjeremyau, lfbrock, lieut-data, lindalumitchell, lindy65, mkraft, pepf, pichouk, pietroglyph, pradeepmurugesan, rodcorsi, Roy-Orbison, santos22, saturninoabril, scherno2, seansackowitz, sudheerDev, tejasbubane, theblueskies, ThiefMaster, uhlhosting, uusijani, wget, wiersgallak, yuya-oc

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Lindsay Brock is the former Head of Product for Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost in January 2015, she served as a product manager for SpinPunch, a Y Combinator-backed online gaming startup. Lindsay is an alumnus of the University of Waterloo, where she earned a bachelor of applied science degree in engineering.