Hacktoberfest 2023: Celebrate open source, make an impact on the planet

Welcome to Hacktoberfest 2023! 🎉

The time has come for the year’s most glorious celebration of open source: Hacktoberfest! This year, we are excited to be a part of the 10th year of Hacktoberfest! 🎂

As we celebrate a decade of open source, we’re not only diving back into our favorite coding memories with this year’s retro aesthetic but also taking a momentous leap forward toward sustainability and a greener future! Read below to see how. 🌱

How can I join Hacktoberfest?

To get started, make your way to our Hacktoberfest landing page, which has been updated with success stories from Hacktoberfest 2022 and a roadmap of starting points for contributing this year!

Those starting points are summarized below:

1. Contribute to the code

If you have a penchant for coding, Mattermost awaits your magic. Be it writing an end-to-end (E2E) test to improve our coverage, building a nifty integration, or diving into our plethora of “Help Wanted” issues, there’s something for everyone! Think of it as your chance to make a mark in Mattermost’s open source journey.

2. Be a QA maestro

For those with an eagle eye for bugs and glitches: Team up with our community contributors and test the PRs they submit during Hacktoberfest. Need guidance? Our internal QA mavericks are just a message away. And oh, if you come across a shiny new feature, help us streamline it with tests in the mattermost/mattermost-test-management repository.

3. Improve translations

Our vision for Mattermost extends beyond borders, and language should never be a barrier. If you’re multilingual, join us in enhancing Mattermost’s accessibility by offering translations. Every word counts!

4. Help others learn

Our developer documentation is in need of refined guides. We also welcome copy edits: correct those sneaky typos — or, even better, pen an article for our blog! Share your insights, experiences, and knowledge.

At Mattermost, we believe that every line of code, every translation, and every documented insight strengthens not just our platform but the entire open source community. That’s why we provide multiple pathways to contributing beyond just code.

A new shade of green for Hacktoberfest 2023!

Hacktoberfest, in its 10th year, is embracing the green spirit in full force. The iconic Hacktoberfest t-shirts are evolving into something even more significant. Recognizing the logistical and environmental challenges of producing and shipping over 50,000 T-shirts globally, Hacktoberfest has made a sustainable switch: exclusive digital rewards in collaboration with Holopin!

Claim your Mattermost Hacktoberfest ’23 badge today!

Instead of tangible rewards, for the first 50,000 participants to complete their initial PR/MR, a tree will be planted on their behalf through Hacktoberfest’s partnership with Tree Nation. Yes, your code will now contribute to a greener earth! 🌳

So, are you ready to code for a cause? Join us and be a part of this revolutionary Hacktoberfest!

Let’s code, celebrate, and conserve together! 🚀

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Andrew Zigler is a developer advocate at Mattermost and public speaker at the intersection of AI and open source technologies. After studying Classics at The University of Texas at Austin and later teaching English in Japan, he continues to champion career and technical education for his audience.