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Mattermost launches Quality Assurance (QA) Contributor Program!

We are excited to announce a new QA Contributor Program!

The open source community has had an enormous impact on Mattermost by contributing code, documentation, translations and more. We are now inviting the community to contribute to the quality assurance of the product, playing a key role in releasing a diverse range of product features on schedule.

Here’s how you can make an impact:

  1. Join our Contributors server where you can interact with our team as well as other contributors
    1. Any questions? Post a message in the ~QA: Contributors channel at-mentioning @lindy.isherwood and she’ll gladly assist!
  2. Review the repository,, for open issues detailing test assignments as well as exploratory or feature testing you can do

Any questions? Add a comment to the issue, mention @lindy65 and she’ll respond to you as soon as possible.  Alternatively, message her in the ~QA: Contributors channel on the Contributors server in 1) above.

QA Contributor Levels:

Level 1 – FanSomeone who has participated in exploratory, release or feature testing and completed valid and detailed feedbackStickers / Socks
Level 2 – ChampionSomeone who, apart from participating in testing, also gets involved on the community server and forum (answering questions, reproducing bug reports, etc) as well as contributing to QA documentationQA mug
Level 3 – GuruSomeone who has surpassed level 2 and who we are considering as a core QA contributor (similar to how we award dev contributors with “core contributor” status)QA t-shirt
In addition, anyone who reports a valid bug that is not a known issue will receive a Bug Hunter coin.  
Mattermost CTO Corey Hulen shows off our Bug Hunter coin

How the issues are categorized:

  1. Exploratory testing
    1. This is where testers explore the software (can be on webapp, mobile apps or desktop app) and give feedback on anything they think doesn’t make sense or is difficult to navigate or understand. You can download the desktop and mobile apps here: 
      1. Exploratory testing assignments are located here: 
  2. Feature testing (ad-hoc)
    1. Pre-production features, or features already in production are tested from a feature spec
      1. When available, feature testing assignments will be located here:
      2. The GitHub issue will be named “Pre-production / Production Feature testing”.
  3. Release testing
    1. We test the software on the release branch approximately 2 weeks before release (monthly on the 16th) so we can report any bugs. 
      1. When available, release testing assignments will be located here:  
      2. The GitHub issue will be named “Release testing”.



Lindy Isherwood is a Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Mattermost, Inc., having joined the company in April 2014 as an Operations Manager. Prior to joining Mattermost, Lindy worked as an Operations Manager at Battlehouse Inc. and a marketing consultant at Woodridge College & Preparatory School in South Africa.