mattermost release

Mattermost v6.7 is now available

This new release includes Playbooks task due dates and desktop application automatic updates

Mattermost v6.7 is generally available today and includes the following new features (see changelog for more details): 

Playbooks: Set task due dates for runs

Keep processes on track while reducing noise by adding task due dates to your playbook runs. Within run checklists, due dates can be specified for each task using natural language inputs (for example, “At 5:00 pm in three days”). Checklists can also be sorted by overdue tasks. Within the Playbooks daily digest, only tasks with approaching and overdue due dates will be shown, reducing noise and providing more specific value. This feature is available with Professional and Enterprise plans.

Mattermost v6.7 - Playbooks

Learn more about adding task due dates to your Playbook runs.

Mattermost Desktop App: Automatic Updates

Mattermost is at its best when you’re up-to-date. Automatic updates ensure you’re always on the newest version of Mattermost Desktop.

If you use Windows, download and install the latest desktop app here, and when a newer version becomes available you’ll be alerted in-app and can update in one click. Administrators distributing Mattermost desktop can disable automatic updates using Group Policy settings if desired. 

If you use MacOS, updates are delivered through the Mac App Store. Even if you’re already using Mattermost Desktop, you can download and install it via the Mac App Store to access future automatic updates.

Learn more here.

Thank you to our contributors

Thanks for all community contributions this month and, in particular, our v6.7 Most Valued Professional (MVP), Vishakha Poonia with five lifetime contributions to the web app. Thank you for your continued contributions, Vishakha!

Mattermost v6.7 contributors

aeomin, agarciamontoro, AGMETEOR, agnivade, alexkoala, alieh-rymasheuski, allonios, amyblais, amynicol1985, andrewodri, angeloskyratzakos, asaadmahmood, ashishbhate, AshishDhama, azigler, BenCookie95, BenLloydPearson, bermelmike, boxiyang, bpodwinski, calebroseland, cdump, cecilysullivan, chenilim, cleferman, codedsun, coltoneshaw, cota-eng, cpoile, ctlaltdieliet, cwarnermm, devinbinnie, emdecr, enahum, esethna, ewwollesen, flynbit, furqanmlk, gabrieljackson, gbochora, HandsomeChoco/, hanzei, harshilsharma63, hmhealey, ialorro, iomodo, isacikgoz, it33, jasonblais, jbattistispiria, jespino, jfrerich, johndavidlugtu, johnsonbrothers, josephbaylon, jpaldeano, jprusch, JtheBAB, JulienTant, jupenur, justinegeffen, jwilander, kaakaa, kayazeren, KevinSJ, kherwata, KobeBergmans, koox00, krmh04, kyeongsoosoo, larkox, levb, lieut-data, lindy65, lkyuchukov, M-ZubairAhmed, majo, maksimatveev, marianunez, master7, matt-w99, matthew-w, maxtrem271991, mgdelacroix, michaelgamble, michelengelen, mickmister, mikebermel, milotype, mkraft, Mshahidtaj, muratbayan, mvitale1989, mylonsuren, nat-gunner, natalie-hub, nathanaelhoun, neallred, nickmisasi, ogi-m, pfltdv, phoinixgrr, Phrynobatrachus, Pinjasaur, plant99, pvev, Rajat-Dabade, rebornwwp, RoyI99, ryoarmanda, saturninoabril, sayanta66, sbishel, serhack, seoyeongeun, shadowshot-x, SiderealArt, silentyak, sinansonmez, Sonichigo, spirosoik, sri-byte, stafot, streamer45, stylianosrigas, svelle, Szymongib, TQuock, trilopin, tsabi, TylerStilson, unode, vadimasadchi, varghesejose2020, VishakhaPoonia, Vovcharaa, wiggin77, Willyfrog, zefhemel

Upgrade to Mattermost Release 6.7

To upgrade your existing server to the new release, go here. Review the Important Upgrade Notes to make sure you are aware of any actions you need to take before or after upgrading from your particular version. We also created this handy reference to help guide you through the process.

If you’re new to Mattermost, register for a 30-day trial of Enterprise Edition.


Katie Wiersgalla is the Senior Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. who has a history of driving agile transformation at software companies. Previously, she led product teams at Authenticom, Inc., holding several positions there, including VP of Product. Katie earned a bachelor's degree from Viterbo University, where she graduated magna cum laude.