mattermost monthly release

Mattermost v7.5 is now available

This new release includes message threads in calls, new Board templates, Board filtering by text properties, Board metrics, Channel user last activity, a new Desktop release and mobile ESR. 

Mattermost v7.5 is generally available today. The following new features are included (see changelog for more details):

  • Calls: Message thread
  • Boards: Additional standard board templates, filter by text properties, System Console Boards metrics
  • Channels: User last activity
  • Platform: Desktop 5.2, Mobile v1.55.1 ESR


Message thread

All the messaging features that you already know and love such as emoji reactions and @mentions are now available as part of calls!

After joining a call, expand the widget to the window mode and then click the comment button to access the real-time message thread in the right-hand sidebar. This message thread can also be found in the channel where the call started for reference later.


Additional standard board templates

We’ve added six additional standard board templates to help you kick off your next project with the click of your mouse.

All our standard templates will save you time from starting a board from scratch and come pre-built with relevant properties and the option to customize them to your needs. Our newest templates cover the following use cases:

  • Company goals & OKRs: Share your company goals, objectives, and key results more transparently.
  • Competitive analysis: Track and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Sprint planner: Plan your sprints and releases more efficiently.
  • Team retrospective: Identify what worked well and what can be improved for the future.
  • User research sessions: Manage and keep track of all your user research sessions.

Learn more about board templates.

Mattermost v7.5: Boards templates

Filter by text properties

Filters now support all text properties! You’re no longer limited to only using filters with the Select property type. You can filter your board more granularly to see the cards most relevant to you. Boards now also supports filtering by the following property types:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone
  • URL

Learn more about board filters and property types.

Mattermost v7.5: Boards filters

System Console Boards metrics

Get more visibility into Boards usage across your server with two new tiles under System Console > Site Statistics. Now in addition to the existing metrics, system admins can also see the total number of boards and cards created across the server.

Learn more about site statistics.

Mattermost v7.5: Boards metrics


User last activity

Understanding your team’s availability is critical to effective asynchronous communication. Users will now see a “Last Active” time for teammates who are currently Away, Offline, or in Do Not Disturb.

Mattermost v7.5: Profile popover


Desktop v5.2

In addition to many bug fixes and small improvements, Mattermost Desktop v5.2 delivers a unified location for all your downloaded files. A new download popover has been added showing downloaded items in various states (e.g., downloading, complete, and canceled).

The downloads popover can be opened through the View > Downloads menu item.

Mattermost v7.5: Desktop

Learn more about changes in the v5.2 Desktop release.

Mobile App v1.55.1 extended support release (ESR)

The newest version of the mobile app released in September (v1.55.1) will be our first mobile extended support release. We are very excited about the upcoming general availability of the v2.0 mobile app in December!

We recognize that some customers may have a custom build of Mattermost mobile and need more time to test or implement their custom changes on mobile v2.0. The mobile ESR will be supported until July 2023.

The mobile v1.55.1 (ESR) will be smoke tested monthly with every new server release until the mobile ESR reaches end-of-life (July 2023). The ESR version will receive critical security fixes only and be released as needed via unsigned builds to our mobile GitHub repository.

Thank you to our contributors

Thanks for all community contributions this month and, in particular, our v7.5 Most Valued Professional (MVP), Ayroti Dey Sarkar with multiple recent contributions to improve our documentation. Thank you for your continued contributions, Ayroti!

Mattermost v7.5: Thank you!

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Upgrade to Mattermost Release 7.5

To upgrade your existing server to the new release, go here. Review the Important Upgrade Notes to make sure you are aware of any actions you need to take before or after upgrading from your particular version.

If you’re new to Mattermost, sign up to try Mattermost for free and install a self-hosted server.


Katie Wiersgalla is the Senior Product Manager at Mattermost, Inc. who has a history of driving agile transformation at software companies. Previously, she led product teams at Authenticom, Inc., holding several positions there, including VP of Product. Katie earned a bachelor's degree from Viterbo University, where she graduated magna cum laude.